Jack-o-nine-tails 1.7.5

You are a slave trainer in Eternal Rome, dreaming of fame and glory. Buy slaves in the market, take them with contracts or beat off monsters in the Mists, and then try to subordinate them to your will and train them to the state when they are given a good price at the auction, or look for buyers with unique requirements.
Such work is not pleasant, and only the most skillful, lucky and quick-witted can achieve real greatness in it and become an honorary member of the Guild, able to tame the most impregnable slave with the help of many available skills.

Year of release: 2013
Release Date: 2016/07/18
Genre: RPG, SLG, BDSM, Corruption, Group, Simulator
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Old Huntsman / Old Hunter
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Informal / Modification
Tabletka: Not Required
Version: 1.7.5
Game language: Russian
Interface language: Russian
Voice Language: There is no voice
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10, CPU: Intel or AMD Athlon, RAM: 1 Gb, HDD: 1.5 Gb

- Fixed food rating, descriptions, added bad food mudlet.
- Added various checks for cooked food and its absence, poor health in the absence of food.
- Manual cooking did not take into account the availability of food, did not reduce it immediately and gave incorrect bonuses.
- Changed the default food settings for new slaves (including a nutritionist).

Wine slaves
- The calculation of the slaves guilt with physical resistance to the master has been changed - now it is not fixed, but depends on the characteristics (for example, a strong-willed slave may feel less guilty for attacking a weak master).
- Fixed out of time and incorrect receipt of slave guilt if you wish to resist the master, but the lack of strength to do so.
- Changed the calculation of guilt in violation of the rules of a slave - before it did not depend on the number of violations and on various characteristics, now many factors affect the blame. For this reason, one slave may feel very guilty for breaking the whole pair of rules, while the other will almost not feel guilty, breaking a whole lot of strict rules (the main change).

Significant changes in pregnancy - a chance to get pregnant, the effect of ovulation, the calculation of menstruation, the growth of the parasite, lactation, egg laying and everything connected with it.
- The new slaves did not have ovulation, menstruation and muddle from them before the start of a new full cycle (that is, it had to go from a couple of weeks to a month).
- New slaves could get a parasite or pregnancy only for a period of 1 day.
- Trophy slaves could get a parasite with a probability of 100%, now there is a dependence on her ability to get pregnant that day.
- Slave and assistant during milking of fiend received the parasite with a probability of 100%, now there is a dependence on the possibility of getting pregnant and the characteristics of fad.
- Corrected milking fiend - it was different in different places.
- Do not throw off the cycle of menstruation, when I had to.
- The probability of getting pregnant was either 100% or 1/25, now the formula is more complicated and depends on the cycle, the characteristics of the slave and other things.
- During egg production, the probability of the start of egg laying was added (it was 100% on the 3rd day), it is much higher than during normal pregnancy. Slaves per day can give several eggs (there was one).
- Fixed a stethoscope - gave information earlier than it would be reasonable.
- Fixed a bug where you could get a sterilized slave with a parasite.

Changed the principle of issuing contracts in the Guild.
- The rank of available contracts depends on the rating in the guild - it was so, it remained so.
- Now, contracts with a rank up to B + are issued taking into account the rating of a personal stamp - the lower the rating, the simpler specializations they will offer.
(For example, Alyoshka with a zero rating in the guild and a zero rank of the stigma will not offer to train anything more difficult than a servant of the rank D-)
- Now, contracts of low ranks can be several in one day, that is, if you refuse the proposed option, you can get some more on the same day.

All actions and calculations performed at the end of the day are reassembled.
(Global change, believe me! Below are only the main changes, not taking into account the overall changed order of all daily activities).
- Fixed lactation in a prisoner.
- The missing dependencies were written by the assistant, the slave, the prisoner (the slave was spelled somehow, the rest had practically none).
- Fixed or changed the calculation of dependencies and effects from them for the master, slave, assistant and prisoner.
- Fixed calculation of the treatment of a slave, assistant, prisoner, added muddlets.
- Fixed calculation of despair, the effect of despair on the characteristics of the prisoner.
- Twice and in different ways the hygiene of the assistant was prescribed, the calculation of the assistant's energy (this generally gave a double boost), the decrease in the assistant's fear.
- Fixed calculation of the mood of the assistant - taken into account bonuses from clothes and items, worn on the slave, and not on the assistant.
- Fixed reducing the corruption of prisoners - fell significantly less than the rest.
- Fixed arousal of prisoners, added muddlets from various states (was not).
- For the prisoner added bonuses from a light level of complexity, the effects of stigma, some muddlets - was not.
- Added change in assistant's grooming (it was only for the master, slave and prisoner)
- When the slave attacked the master in a dream, some events did not occur, although they should have.
- Added effects from forgotten rewards from the prisoner.
- Fixed calculation of milk and cream from milking slaves.
- Good and bad muddlets at the assistant / prisoner did not decrease.
- Slave masturbation rewritten, the rule "Do not masturbate."
- Fixed daily counting the number of established rules.
- Fixed incorrect moment of checking the number of rules for easy and normal complexity.
- Assistant will wash in the presence of at least some energy, and not finish the day completely clean under any conditions.
- The assistant drug addict will now correctly cast all the available drugs in the morning, getting the appropriate muddlets and effects (This was already in the code, it just needed a dependency like "30 days in a row" - of course, nobody reached that, I reduced these values and rewrote the code ).

Modified rule system
- Previously, after pressing the End Day button, a chance to attack / run was checked, then the existing wines / rewards were reset, then all the rules were counted, except for masturbation, the fault was calculated for their non-performance, a separate wine was added if the Do Not Jerry prohibition violates , calculated the energy for the new day.
- Now all the rules for the slave are divided into evening, night and morning for the correct calculation of guilt / rewards.
Evening - You are a cook, You are a milkmaid, You are a maid, You wash me
Night - all that is associated with masturbation slaves - "Do not masturbate" and "Do not stop."
Morning - all the rest.
- First, the evening rules are calculated and the fault of their non-execution is added to the one that remained during the day, the influence of the place of sleep is calculated, all the parameters of the slave.
Then the wines / rewards are zeroed out with an effect on decay and so on.
Then come the nightly rules of masturbation, the energy is calculated for a new day.
There is a check of a chance to attack / run away (attacks and escapes at night, so first we determine the energy, and then we check).
Further, the rest of the rules are checked, put up for a new day of wine for their non-fulfillment.
- The rules You are a cook, You are a maid, You are a milkmaid, You wash me, Do not masturbate, Do not stop - now really rules.
These rules now have a slave resistance - before they were not taken into account as rules, and the slave could not resist them.
Also added the effects of violating these rules and their observance.
- In the execution of the You are a maid rule, the house is removed according to the skills of the slave / assistant, and not completely to the ideal state.
- Changed the order of installation rules in the interface of the slave and assistant in accordance with the order of their actual execution.
- Fixed installation rules of the assistant - there were a couple of minor errors in the values of checkboxes.
- Removed restrictions on the impact of the rules when snapping days (do not ask why they were made - they worked, but no one even knew about it).
- Added the ability to include the rule "You are a cook" in the absence of a kitchen.
- The assistant did not throw off the rule to wash the slave - the soap itself.
- Added messages about the performance of the slave evening / morning rules, depending on its resistance to these actions. Consider that it will not be possible to punish a slave for violating evening assignments for domestic work and she will go to bed with a feeling of impunity.

- A lot of everything related to Ischadiya - the algorithms for the growth of Ischadia, milking Ischadia, training, a ton of bug fixes have been changed.

The battle
- Changed the rules for calculating the rating of captured slaves (let's face it, before there was just a price of at least 200 or 300, only super trophies were obtained from here). Now for different opponents everything will be different (chances, levels, etc.).
- If you win in a slum over a gang of beastmen or over a gang of rabble, you might not have been given a trophy slave and the corresponding achivka.
- Fixed the woodcutter's ax - the woodcutter's ax.
- Error when setting up a slave to fight - then she could fight with herself.
- Added / changed the experience of the master / slave with different results of fights with a slave (previously did not change at all).
- Fixed charging experience for the battle in the mists and with a slave - now charged immediately after the battle and not lost.
- Added a different increase in the experience and endurance of the slave and the master with different outcomes of the battle between them.

- Fixed a cheat with a bull ring - being put on, did not allow energy to drop below 1 - and so endlessly. Now it gives, but if after the end of the day the energy of the master is 0 or lower, it will give one bonus energy for evening calculations.
- Changed the frequency of races, fights and auctions. Auctions are always held at certain intervals, races and battles are assigned depending on the situation.
- Fixed a bug with a seed supply with active sex - now it is considered true.
- In Gastronomicon there was an extra check for the presence of a kitchen, because of which the item with eggs and milk disappeared.
- The Farid picture was incorrectly indicated - did not appear.
- Slightly redid the display of information about potential buyers on the forum.
- Corrected the required ranks of slaves in the Quarter of the Les Miserables - some ranks were raised incorrectly, and there was no D +
- Added pictures of some events from the graphic Jezebeth mod (just added, not replaced).
- Added display of the slave / assistant / prisoner ownership days counter.
- I cleaned up the main background to get all the text.
- Fixed an old bug with auto cast - in Sententia Veritas, with the successful resistance of the slave, everything was hanging.
- Corrected trophy - the names of trophies, colors, etc.
- Fixed some icons.
- Fixed muddlets from captures
Jack-o-nine-tails 1.7.5

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