Escape Dungeon 3 v.1.19
Escape Dungeon 3

Queen Illy was taken to the Misty Forest by the Grand Mage Shalit on the eve of their defeat by the Demon Lord. The Kingdom of Sundist was no more, but the elven queen had a powerful ability that could

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Back to the Roots v.0.18 Public
Back to the Roots

You will play as a guy who left his hometown and became very rich. But money can't warm the soul. He realized that something important in his life was next to him, always. Fate heard him. His

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CrossinG KnighTMarE: A Hymn to the Defiled Holy Maidens v.1.2.1
CrossinG KnighTMarE: A Hymn to the Defiled Holy Maidens

Imagine a man's life, built brick by brick with nothing but sheer will. Imagine it being crushed simply because of God’s will. What would you do? No one can know whether it was the right decision

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Kingdom of Subversion v.0.23.1
Kingdom of Subversion

Kingdom of Subversion is an adult fantasy rpg in which you take control of a half-goblin outcast. Forced to leave the kingdom of Loomis, you join forces with the queen of a rival kingdom, Queen Selvana

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CIELCROSIA ~Seal of the Lewd Curse v.2.0
CIELCROSIA ~Seal of the Lewd Curse

Ciel, a sorceress of the Imperial Capital, has decoded a forbidden grimoire. However, the spellbook is cursed, and it attracts the lewd desires of men around her. She corrupts the Imperial Capital in

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Harem in Another World v.0.7
Harem in Another World

In the game Harem in Another World, you play as an ordinary everyday pervert who is suddenly transported to another world. Explore this open and mysterious world, passing through different lands,

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Warlock and Boobs v.0.500.0.2
Warlock and Boobs

We have to play as a boy-erotomaniac Crowley McCormick, who begins to learn the delights of adulthood. Crowley has always wanted to study magic, hunt for monster girls and, above all, fuck. Help Crowley

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Secrets of Mind Domination v.0.53
Secrets of Mind Domination

Join Mona on her adventure to become a great doctor, in a city that holds dark secrets of mind and sexual domination. Will Mona be able to save herself from the dark events happening in the city? Will

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Nero Remake v.0.4
Nero Remake

Nero's Day Trip to the Beach: Remake This is a brand new game that is completely reset, from the artwork to the CG to the content of the storyline are all carefully reset~. With a more rich and

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Peeping Dorm Manager v.1.0.9
Peeping Dorm Manager

Peeping! Eavesdropping! Voyeurism! These are essential skills for a dorm manager! Of course, there are mundane tasks like repairing utilities, cleaning, and taking out the trash. However, they can't

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Zombie's Retreat 2: Gridlocked v.0.18.1 Beta
Zombie's Retreat 2: Gridlocked

Welcome to Crimson City! A city known for it's diverse districts, cutting edge technology, and promising citizens. However, everyone has their own dark secrets to hide. When a strange zombie

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Cozy Fantasy: Corruption
Cozy Fantasy: Corruption

Imagine a cozy fantasy life in a cozy fantasy world where demons, knights, adventurers and magic exist. A place where quests are plentiful and nothing is impossible. A place where a normal girl could

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