Slave Maker 2 15x8

10.06.2017, English Hentai Games
Slave Maker 2 15x8

"A kind of economic strategy in the style of hentai.You act as the educator of" sexual slaves "for well-to-do feudal lords, and the upbringing takes place almost entirely on self-sufficiency.I will now explain in more detail: at the beginning of the game you choose a girl who, thanks to your efforts, will later bear a proud The title of "sexual slave" (by choosing a girl you also determine the level of complexity and the number of days for which you need to tame the "pupil.") Then you get five hundred coins for pocket expenses and Troptivnaya zasranka, from which you need to do ... at least something. Buying outfits and accessories, individual lessons that swing the student's skills - all these costs are entirely up to you.The game has the opportunity to send the student to work (options from the servant In a bar to an elite prostitute.) The higher the "profile" skills of a pupil, the more she will be paid for each "session." You can also send a pupil to take various lessons from rhetoric courses to homage lessons. And after a day's work, the pupil will train and train you, again, pumping her some skills. As a result, by the end of the training period your pupil will have a certain set of skills, depending on which the ending of the game will be calculated. "

Year of manufacture: 2009.
Genre: Simulator, Flash
Developer: cmacleod42
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: freeware
Censorship: None
Tabletka: not required
Language: English only

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