How much is Eternal Rome?
Nobody knows the answer to this question.
Eternal Rome was, is and will be ...

The city of vice, existing outside of space and time Mists daily bring a huge number of people - men, old people and women. But most of all women ... They are in this city not only the object of satisfaction of lust, but also goods, food and means of entertainment.
You are the representative of a respected guild of slavers, and only you decide what fate awaits your girls ...
Overcoming all obstacles in your path, improving your skills, selling trained slaves, you make your way to fame and glory.

Year of release: 2019
Genre: RPG, Simulator, BDSM, Rape, Dominate, Anal, Blowjob, Group Sex, Striptease, Titsjob, Slave training
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Old Huntsman / Old Hunter
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: unofficial / modification
Tabletka: Not Required
Game language (plot): Russian
Interface language: Russian
Voice Language: No voice
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10, CPU: Intel or AMD Athlon, RAM: 1 Gb, HDD: 1.5 Gb

What is done:
1. A new location appeared in the Red Light District - a VIP club, which we get access to after completing the quest Constantine.
2. In the slums at some point, the witch Priscilla will appear, who will open the way to the final of the game.
3. The game has a plot ending.
Performing two final quests at the prompting of a witch will lead you to him.
4. Modified safari.
Now, in case of successful fishing, you will receive a slave with an F- rating.
Changed pricing policy and limited number of times to participate in a safari for one game day
5. Updated a small portion of images.
6. Other minor edits

What is added:
1. Replaced images:
- girls (about 100 pieces)
- pet animal in zoo farm
- updated pictures of bodies
- some background
- pictures of masters and others
2. Corrections in the code:
- added the ability to cure hoarse voice and angularity, there is an opportunity to improve the voice to the enchanting
- added the ability to order a virgin guild reseller
- made it possible for the queens of beauty to also do plastic surgery
- reduced the tendency of slaves to nymphomania and dance
3. Added to the forum "City Library". It will serve as a hint for entering the end of the game, which is currently under development.
4. It is possible to enable cheats in the settings, allowing to improve some components of the game.
5. Other minor edits.

Version 1.7.7
Changes in the original Jack.
The changes we made are minor, but they are.
1. The moneylender is now issuing loans with a smoother spread of initial amounts. Here you can judge whether it is necessary or not. In our opinion, it is easier and more chances to repay the loan on time.
2. In the cryo-chamber now 9 cells instead of 6. Again, judge the usefulness of this case to you.
3. We were puzzled by the question of the crazy waste of energy during the transition by quarters ... We just could not change this by editing the finished code. The idea came to do this through the "Central Forum". The new NPS is ready to give us a miracle, an energy-saving charm in exchange for a task. Accordingly, the player appears a certain variability: if everything is arranged in the old scheme, then you can do without it. And those who consider the transitions by blocks insanely energy-consuming - run after the amulet!

This is what concerns the original game. Now about the new ...

There are a lot of changes in my opinion. As such, we did not pursue a single goal. Initially, they simply wanted to diversify what already existed and somehow develop the idea of the diversity of Rome, in which the events of the game take place. We got the following:
The game has 3 new quarters: "Central", "Red Lanterns" and "Exclusion Zone". They already have a basic meaning that can be further developed as you please. There would be a desire and opportunity. In the sense of the original game, the old clans are at enmity with each other. We varied this process a little, setting the stage for further plot development.
The central quarter is the administration of Rome, headed by the Emperor, and rich city dwellers, ready to pay a lot for quality slaves.
Red lanterns ... The idea to create a quarter came to me after this quarter appeared in the real Rome for us. A mixture of epochs, perhaps. Its essence is certainly understandable to all. But there are some features. Here you can send a slave and an assistant for earnings (it is also clear how ...). Well, the clients here are not as rich as in the center, but also with money.
"The exclusion zone" ... This is an area for fans of the unusual. In fact, we just made it in the style of fantasy, in order to diversify the game again. Local customers - chimeras, werewolves and other vermin, which loves everything related to sex and other perversions. And all this huge army of evil spirits is headed by the well-known conquerors of Rome - the barbarians. Thus, we brought a new danger to the Eternal City of the Mists, tying it with a real story.
The peculiarity of alienation is a zoo farm and safari for slaves. Agree, the latter slightly stirs the blood. And the first is for an amateur ... If you dont like to raise chickens, cows and pigs, buy them at a zoo farm.
Now about the stores and options we have promised. So far we have made two stores: "potions" and "flea market". For now, let's say, they are understaffed slightly by the goods. Although something is already there. We will continue to develop them.
The Black Market also appeared in the Fog Line. They made it, again with the aim of at least some simplification and variety of a very tedious process of constantly poking at the same buttons for learning. In the market slaves are sold with basic articles for some specialization.
I will say right away ... It was not possible to fully implement the new quarters. At the moment, they can not be occupied. Again, this is due to the fact that not all managed to bind in the code. But we do not leave hope. Soon everything should work out. And then the quarters will be absolutely full.


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