Divine Dawn v.0.29

Release date:








Type of Edition:

Original (licensed)




PC / Windows, Mac

System Requirements:

OS:Win7/8/10/XP, CPU:1.2GHz, RAM:2GB, VRAM:DirectX9, HDD:1GB

Divine Dawn

Uncover the secrets of a fading world as you investigate the case of four missing goddesses and an impending cosmic threat in a fantasy adventure. Fight, fuck, and have extensive therapy with a variety of pretty girls, both human and monstrous. Decide if gaining power and getting close to otherworldly beings is worth sacrificing some of your humanity.

Divine Dawn lets you step into the role of a young man with dreams of heroism, customizing your character with a vast array of abilities, traits, weapons, and items. While your character has his own goals and personality, you can determine how he handles situations; allies will remember and reference many of your decisions, and some can significantly affect your character's development. It is up to you to decide what it means to be a hero and what impact you will have on the world.

Weapons and items have unique sets of moves that suit different play styles. Hydromancy offers healing, support and good damage with high-pressure water, while its sister school of Cryomancy freezes and exsanguinates enemies. Shortbows are great for quick attacks, inflicting a variety of debuffs and statuses, and Greataxes use your own life force to fuel a rampage of berserkers dealing devastating damage.

Each party member has their own problems and aspirations, strengths and weaknesses. They are human beings sharing the same struggles as your character. Some are better at it than others, but most could use a shoulder to lean on and talk to. Relationships can blossom in unexpected circumstances, and friends with benefits can become something more. As you earn their trust and affection blossom, you'll discover new sides to characters you thought you already understood, and potentially help them in battle, as well as learn new abilities.

Allies can also teach you new martial arts or types of magic, including the otherworldly magic of Aether and Void. Nether is a realm of emotions and feelings that can improve empathy, while Aether is a harsh understanding of fundamental concepts and brute willpower.

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File Size: 0.65 GB

How to Play?

. Extract and run.
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