Divine Adventure 1.2

You play as a young boy (the age left before the user chooses due to patreon rules), who is chosen as the next god of destruction in universe 7 after the expulsion of both Beerus and Champa.
With the help of your angel Vados, you must follow the duties of GOD and raise the mortal level of the Universe 7.
The main aspect of this game is that it is more focused on tuning rather than quantity. You can change the costumes of almost every character you meet in the game.

Release Year: 2018
Release Date: 2020
Genre: ADV, Male Protagonist, RPG, Parody, Sc-fi, Big tits, Ren'Py
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch for removal
Developer / Publisher: Masquerade
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 1.2
Game language (plot): English
Interface language: English
Voice Language: Unknown / Other
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows, Linux, Mac; HDD: 180 mb

Story Update
Introduced new transformation
Completed the Divine Dragon Balls Arc
Removed all black borders for lewd scenes

Added high quality characters images and scenes
You can now select android 18's clothes
Godly handjob can now be done
Heles and King Kai Clothes can now be bought without economy mission
Gin Prayer bug should be fixed
Android 18 sleep bug fixed

Introduced new storyline
- Bulma Scenes
- Mortal Scenes
- Videl Scenes
- Vados Scenes
- New Player technique
Divine Adventure 1.2

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