Subliminal Corruptipn [Version 0.2.1] (Boomatica) 2017

28.05.2017, English Hentai Games / 3D

Change Log

- Ed Plug-in for Mermory leakage, should work a little better.
- Fixed some scenes that continued to play when they should only be an event once.
- Fixed some of the animation / click scene (let me know what I missed)

Added by:

- The Gallery now only shows photos that you either TAKE or RECEIVED.

Mother number:

- Table
--- Scene 1: 1 Corruption is required.

- evening
- - bed "Massage Scene"
--- Scene 1: 1-65 Corruption is needed
--- Scene 2: 66-110 Corruption is needed
--- Scene 3: 110 + Corruption is required

- doorways
- - Mother Mirrior Scenes (All levels) 1, 85, 175, 235, 300
--- Chloe Mirrior Scenes (All levels) 1, 85, 175, 235, 300

Year of manufacture: 2017
Release date: 2017/05/15
Genre: ADV, 3DCG, Big tits, Oral sex, Titsjob, School, Incest, mom, daughter
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Boomatica
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In development
Tabletka: None
Version: 0.2.1
Language of game: English
Language: English
Language of voice: English
System requirements (minimum): CPU 2.0GHz: RAM 2GB: HDD 500Mb
 Subliminal Corruptipn [Version 0.2.1] (Boomatica) 2017

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