Emulis of the Valley of Magic

15.05.2017, Japanese Hentai Games,

Brimming with curiosity and a bit of sexiness,
At the age of 18, Emulis takes her maiden journey to become a full fledged Witch.
Against mild mountain monsters, her journey was going well and she was growing stronger.
... While things were going well for Emulis, sometimes she would be assailed by monsters too ...
They were much more ferocious than Emulis had ever imagined.
Were she ever to fall to them, Emulis would be r * ped and sullied in awful ways.
Our cute and endearing Emulis ravaged against her will with no mercy.

Even then, Emulis' resolve is strong and her determination is unwavering.
Can she complete her journey of tribulation in one piece?
[Key Features]

All action and erotic scenes are hand-drawn animation.
On top of that, they are not just simple 'looped' animation.
We have a lot of effort in making it very erotic. (Lol)

For example, even r * pe scenes, (1) start with being assailed, (2) thrusting animation,
(3) body clenching creampie animation, (4) finally, crying out and exhaustion ensue.
All animated, drawn in a smooth sequential nature.

Each and every animated scene plays out like this,
So you think you're going to get pretty hot and steamy when you watch.

Over 700 individual frames of erotic animation.
- Over 40 H scenes created over two years of production.

Also included are some pretty brutal erotic scenes that do not match her cuteness.
Most scenes are generally 'assault' but there are a few of them are truly horrible.
One scene, Emulis nipples go flying and I personally find her reaction so cute (lol)
Of course, she is totally ravaged after that as well.

* If you do not like, you can filter out blood in the settings.

We have received and implemented many of your requests in the above way.
Please, by all means, help Emulis become a 'full fledged Witch'.

[Game System]

While the erotic animation is the main attraction, we have invested effort into the action as well.
Each enemy has its own attack AI which changes depends on the Emulis level.

The higher her level, the more effective their attacks. At low levels, a monster's reach is short.
You can also set the difficulty level and for those that find action games laborious,
We have implemented both a cheat mode and continue function.

Depending on how you proceed through the game, the story may change.
When it does, Emulis must continue her journey stark naked!

Of course, the animation scenes reflect her lack of clothes. So please, do enjoy her naked ravishing.

Year of manufacture: 2016
Release date: 2016/11/18
Genre: Straight, monster, tentacle, futa, guro, action, animated
Censorship: Yes
Developer / Publisher: Finish Doll ( )
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Version: V3
Language of game: Japanese
Language: Japanese
Language of voice: Japanese
System requirements (minimum): CPU Intel Core 2 Duo

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