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Author: Artemida

Good evening, my poor and expensive! How's your nothing? Just a little disclaimer - no need to take your dick out while you're reading this. No virt here! But, honey, don't get upset because right now I'm going to tell you about three most popular online browser porn games! I suppose it deserves your time. Are you ready?

1. Cunt Empire

Boom! The first item and my personal love - Cunt Empire. I'm waiting for such questions like "WHYYY?!?!" cause you wanna know why. And my answer is not complicated. Just because exactly here you can build up your own porn industry with porn-star production. And you know, there's a cherry on the top! For every completed mission you will receive a videos involving real porn actresses! This game seems to be a business simulation where anyone can play a role of powerful pimp. By the way, it's rather easy to get rich here collecting some toys. What do you like more? Vibrators? Or handcuffs? As for me, I like both. The best advice I can give you is to read all descriptions CuntEmpire and come back for playing! I promise you'll stay here! That dynamic clickable game has become a real classic among others! ?

2. Hentai Heroes

Wow! And we turn to the next game - Hentai Heroes. Honestly, RPG and novels are my wick points, so this title is my absolute recommendation! ?The plot revolves around Bunny. Bunny is a guy with a lame line. You know that problem, right? And after some circumstances he has to fight one man who declared a harem war. The main task for Bunny is to put together a fucking awesome harem to win the greatest villain in the Hentai Heroes universe and take his place. Your beautiful bitches will help you in achieving your goal! You can flirt with someone, you can get to know each other better... In addition to that "one teens sex fuck" there's a humor too. Fuck it, that's why I love this fucking game! What can be better than good jokes mixed with good hentai? I can't imagine! Well, concerning hentai... you'll see really a lot of bedroom scenes. A lot of erotic moments which you can discover from every angle and even more! I won't tell you everything because the full description you can find and read here link HentaiHeroes.

3. Fap Titans

And the last, but not least... Damn, do you agree with me that the text provides little special effects? So the Fap Titans is for you! I'll be honest, this game wasn't so impressive, but developers and designers have worked really hard on graphics and navigation. Besides, in the every beginning you meet the big-boobed girl! ?Your main task in the game is to kill tentacle monsters and protect your sexy fairies... so... and that's all, really. I think the game is so-so, not for everybody. I don't wanna offend the beliefs of Fap Titans fans, but for me it was really hard to hang on it. The description, as usually, you'll find below FapTitans.

What can I say in the end, my dearest? Come and read full descriptions, choose your favorites and, surely, play! Here's top three games - best classics in this category. Like chess. Like monopoly. Like activity. But only for adults! Have a swell time and fuck some juicy 2D girl. That's enough for today. Sincerely yours, Artemida. Buy!
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