Fap Titans

Year: 2019
Official site: Hooligapps
Players: 2 500 000
Genre: Browser MMORPG, Clicker
Languages: All Languages
Platform: Browser
  • level up progression
  • the enemies are rendered amazingly
  • the graphics are exceptional, for a browser game
  • erotically sexy artwork
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Ever since Faptitans was initially released to the public, its fan base grew massively with fans and members spread across the globe, the game’s following is also increasing by the day because of the game’s development, which is also improving every now and then.
Faptitans is a browser game, and that type of genre usually comes as a massive-multiplayer game; thus, the game forces newcomers to register before playing.

Join us play online in Fap Titans.

In the wonderfully erotic game of Faptitans, players are immediately transported to a fantasy realm full of really hot, fuckable, and fap-worthy babes, plus the hideous monsters. All throughout the game, the enemies that you’re going to face are some slime-oozing creatures and really hot fairies that are eager to fuck your babes excessively. Furthermore, the main goal of the players is to create a guild base, and since that requires a lot of gold, you need to kill monsters for it.
With Faptitans, you immediately start your new erotic journey right after you register to the game’s database. In the first scene, a really hot and busty game girl would approach you and aid you in figuring out all of the game’s features, navigation, and goals as the player of the game. The instruction is explained well, and it’s very detailed, only a fucking retarded son of a bitch wouldn’t fucking understand it.

In a mystical and fantastical world, evil monsters attack and are driven back by sexy, slutty heroes. Each female hero has a different set of perks and abilities which can aid in taking down even the toughest enemy.

As you already know, Hentai games are not that known to have really immersive gameplay compared to other leading titles for the last decade. Because, let’s face it, who would fucking want to play a pornographic game to have an immersive experience? The game developers have two paths to choose from; either they make the gameplay really awesome, or they make the artwork cum-worthy. Since it’s “porn” game, of course, they chose the artwork over gameplay because nobody would want to waste countless hours grinding through it, only to see the artwork of people fucking each other to have something to jerk off to.

- it's not a website full of porn games, the website itself is the game
- free registration
- the plot is quite exciting
- level up progression
- the enemies are rendered amazingly
- the graphics are exceptional, for a browser game
- erotically sexy artwork

- no mobile support/application
- everything is click-based

Join us, play online in Fap Titans
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