A Succubus’ Helping Hand 2

Platform: Browser Game
Developer / Publisher: RockHardVR
Instructions: WebXR Hand Tracking Guide: link.
  • Passthrough AR Support
  • Multiple positions and gestures
PLAY NOWA Succubus’ Helping Hand 2
A Succubus’ Helping Hand 2

A Succubus’ Helping Hand 2 offers an immersive adult VR experience with Darcie, a seductive succubus. Celebrate your graduation with her special services in a game featuring hand-tracked controls and passthrough AR support. Customize her appearance and explore various foreplay and sex positions, all controlled through natural hand gestures. Compatible with Oculus Quest, Quest 2, and more, the game promises a seamless experience streamed directly from your browser. A Succubus’ Helping Hand Part 1 here.

Key Features:

- Passthrough AR Support
- Extensive customization
- Hand-tracked sex controls
- Multiple positions and gestures
Game Trailer
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