Rising Up With Faye

Platform: Browser Game
Devices supported: Oculus Quest (Hand Tracking Support), Oculus Quest 2 (Hand Tracking Support), Oculus Go, Pico 4 (No Hand Tracking Support, No AR), Steam VR [Index], Google Daydream, Oculus Rift (Microsoft Edge), Oculus Rift S (Microsoft Edge), WindowsMR (Microsoft Edge), HTC Vive (Install Firefox Reality from Viveport) or (Microsoft Edge).
Developer / Publisher: RockHardVR
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11, OSX 10.6+
Instructions: WebXR Hand Tracking Guide: link.
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Rising Up With Faye

About Rising Up With Faye
Rising Up With Faye is an innovative adult VR game designed to leverage hand tracking technology for immersive interactions. Developed for various VR headsets, it offers a customizable experience with detailed settings for users to tailor their gameplay.

Key Features:

1. Hand Tracking Integration:
- Supports Oculus Quest and Quest 2 for seamless hand gestures control.
- Oculus Go compatibility with a laser cursor for interaction.
- Users can perform actions like grabbing, slapping, touching, licking, kissing, and more using hand gestures.
2. Customization Options:
- Extensive color customization for hair, skin, eyes, clothes, and other elements.
- Adjustable body sliders to modify body shapes and sizes.
- Realistic boob physics with adjustable size settings.
3. Gameplay Modes:
- Foreplay Mode: Allows a variety of interactions before transitioning to sex positions.
- Sex Positions: Switch between different positions using the Posture button in the menu.
4. Control Mechanisms:
- Hand Gesture Controls: Actions like jerking simulate intercourse and climax without menu navigation.
- Laser Cursor (Oculus Go): Offers grab and slap functionality for interaction.

Additional Features:

- Passthrough AR Support: Utilize augmented reality features for enhanced immersion.
- Variable Headset Compatibility: Supports a range of headsets including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and others with varying degrees of functionality (check compatibility list).

Developer Tips:

- Optimizing Hand Tracking: Allow 3-7 strokes for the game to accurately interpret hand movements.
- Adjustment Settings: Utilize settings like "Insertion Rate" and "Insertion Threshold" to fine-tune gameplay speed and timing.
- Costume Management: Access the costume menu for stripping or dressing the character as desired.


Rising Up With Faye sets itself apart with its advanced hand tracking capabilities, extensive customization options, and intuitive gameplay mechanics.
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