Maya’s Library Rendezvous

Platform: Browser Game
Devices supported: Oculus Quest (Hand Tracking Support), Oculus Quest 2 (Hand Tracking Support), Oculus Go, Pico 4 (No Hand Tracking Support, No AR), Steam VR [Index], Google Daydream, Oculus Rift (Microsoft Edge), Oculus Rift S (Microsoft Edge), WindowsMR (Microsoft Edge), HTC Vive (Install Firefox Reality from Viveport) or (Microsoft Edge)
Developer / Publisher: RockHardVR
Instructions: WebXR Hand Tracking Guide: link.
  • Positional Variety
  • Natural Control
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Maya’s Library Rendezvous

Welcome to "Maya’s Library Rendezvous," an immersive adult VR game that transcends the ordinary. Step into a world where fantasy meets reality, streamed directly to your VR headset for an unparalleled experience. This game redefines interaction with its innovative hand-tracking technology and seamless browser-based gameplay.

Key Features:
- Hand-Tracking Revolution: Designed for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2, experience intimate control over interactions using your hands. From caressing to climax, every movement is yours to control.
- Customization: Personalize Maya’s appearance with extensive options for hair, skin, eyes, and clothing colors. Make her your ideal fantasy.
- Foreplay Mode: Explore a range of sensual actions including slapping, grabbing, touching, licking, and kissing. Each gesture enhances the immersion, bringing you closer to Maya.
- Realism in Motion: Feel the realism with adjustable boob size and physics, as well as body sliders to customize proportions.
- Seamless Interaction: No menus needed for climax - use natural hand gestures to enhance your gameplay experience.
- Compatibility: Supports various headsets including Oculus Go and Pico 4, with support for other headsets via Auto Mode.

Gameplay Tips:

1. Natural Control: The game reacts to your hand movements realistically, with adjustments for insertion speed and timing to enhance immersion.
2. Positional Variety: Use the posture button to switch between a variety of foreplay and sex positions, catering to your preferences.
3. Costume Options: Change or remove Maya’s attire using the costume menu, adding to the customization and immersion.

Developer Insights:

- Optimized Experience: Ensure optimal gameplay by following recommended strokes for accurate hand-tracking response.
- Adjustable Settings: Customize insertion rates and thresholds to fine-tune your gameplay experience, enhancing realism and comfort.

Experience "Maya’s Library Rendezvous" for a unique blend of fantasy and reality, where every interaction feels lifelike and every moment is yours to savor. Dive into a world where the boundaries between dream and reality blur, and indulge in an unforgettable rendezvous with Maya.
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