EdenXverse VR

Year: 2024
Languages: English
Platform: Android
Devices supported: MetaQuest
Developer / Publisher: EdenXverse
System Requirements:
Instructions: Install the EdenXverse apk on your Quest VR device.
Tags: 3d, 360°, Sideload
  • amazing graphics and exciting characters
  • unlimited customisation possibilities
  • constant updating of content
EdenXverse VR

EdenXverse helps gamers make their dirty dreams come true with ease. This sex simulator allows players to create their own lustful characters and make raunchy scenarios in which they can interact with them.

The game's not on official stores, so to download it you'll have to sideload it. Thankfully, the process to sideload VR games such as this one is incredibly easy as all you'll have to do is go to your headset's settings, navigate your way to the developer's mode and turn it on, restart your device, and simply connect it to your USB cable once it's booted up, find EdenXverse VR on the SideQuestVR app and sideload VR it directly.

This game requires sideloading. If you have never sideloaded content, check out the VRPorn.com guide

The wonderful features of EdenXverse

On its surface, EdenXverse VR might seem like a very simple VR game, but once players immerse themselves in the virtual reality world, it can be difficult to stop playing. Players are put into a lustful world where they get to choose their desired role and gender before exploring the erotic stories, all of which have unique paths depending on their role and playstyle. This VR game has phenomenal world-building tools that allow players to create extremely realistic spaces, whether small rooms or whole worlds with dragons and mystical forests.

Unlimited customization options

Not only are the characters beautiful, but EdenXverse allows players to fully customize them to their liking. Whether you’re interested in busty and curvy women or skinny and petite ones, you can make a character any way you like. This VR game contains a wide array of tools that allow you to customize everything, including minute details such as the sex toy you’re using when engaging with lustful characters.

Incredible community

EdenXverse doesn’t just let gamers make perfect worlds for themselves, but it also allows them to share their worlds and create thrilling multiplayer adventures. The community is happy to help fellow players with tips and guides, whether they’re newbies or veterans. There are even tons of worlds and custom sideload VR content that other players have created, all of which you can download with ease. This is especially great for gamers who love creating immense worlds instead of multiple smaller ones since it's much easier to make a phenomenal scene with the help of other like-minded players like yourself.

An ongoing adventure

Although EdenXverse already has a plethora of pre-set environments, characters, sex poses, and toys, the game’s monthly erotic expansions make it so that gamers never run out of new content to fool around with. The more tools gamers are given, the more intricate the worlds will become, and players will get the chance to explore and experiment with their sexuality in a virtual reality environment instead of by watching traditional porn. The endless carnal gameplay allows gamers to delve into an erotic world that’s full of seductive encounters that guarantee countless hours of captivating pleasure.
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