Mindsweeper - Zettai Ryouiki Invasion v.1.04
Mindsweeper - Zettai Ryouiki Invasion

The agent girl targeted by the “Organization,” the mastermind behind over-technology crimes. Awaiting the girl is a trap set by the mad scientist, Doctor Succubus. From the “Plug Invade” series, the

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The Lewd Corruption of the Heaven v.0.1.5 Alpha
The Lewd Corruption of the Heaven

A city in the Human World suddenly stopped believing in the Goddess, and that's weakening the Angelic World, Cassiel and Sapphire are two angels that were sent to the Human World to help humans so

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Zombie's Retreat v.2.0
Zombie's Retreat

In Zombie's Retreat we will take on the role of a young man who went on vacation in a summer camp. His plans were not destined to come true, as a sudden outbreak of evil engulfed the camp, and all

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Alice: A Hard Life Ep.1 v.1.5
Alice: A Hard Life

ALICE: A HARD LIFE is a choice-based visual novel in which you take on the role of Alice Garcia, a secret agent working for the government. She lives in a small, quiet apartment building. So far, Alice

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Unveiling the Unknown v.1.1.0
Unveiling the Unknown

Welcome to a game that flips the script and puts you in the shoes of the overlooked, powerless twin of a world-renowned legendary hero. But hold on tight, because this adventure takes a tantalizing turn.

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Princess in the Tower v.1.0 Alpha
Princess in the Tower

You step into the shoes of a goblin enslaved under the malevolent witch and you are forced to prevent the marriage of a princess. The princess is protected in the tower and bound there until her wedding

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Hero Party Must Fall v.0.5.0 Bugfix 2
Hero Party Must Fall

Hordes of evil demons have risen again under the leadership of the Demon King, and Hero, along with his allies, are trying to thwart their onslaught. You play as one of the allies, but you have a big

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The Princess and The Tower v.0.9c Public
The Princess and The Tower

As a result of a magical accident, you are a dark Goblin, transported to the Tower of the Locked Princess. Mine gold for the Princess to help her plan her escape, train her and put up with her sometimes

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Defenestration v.0.5c

Defenestration is set in a futuristic soviet union, the player takes up a role of Kira, young promising girl fresh out of school. Help her get on her feet in unfamiliar megapolis, dealing with various

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Kingdom of Lust v.0.3.5
Kingdom of Lust

Kingdom of Lust is a visual novel/dating simulation for adults with point-and-click and sandbox style gameplay. The first update introduces about 17 characters, including the MC. The action of Kingdoms

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Amelia Blanchette Falls Over and Over Again v.1.22
Amelia Blanchette Falls Over and Over Again

Masamune Kashin and Amelia Blanchette, young wizards of the Great Land Kingdom's Magic Corps are ordered to go undercover at the Kaledony Academy of Magic. The mission is to confirm a rumor that

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Newlywed Twin Swordswoman and the Curse of Sexual Lust
Newlywed Twin Swordswoman and the Curse of Sexual Lust

A rather standard H-RPG in which our female protagonist, Dorena, is a newlywed adventurer all set to get started on the next phase of her life as she and her husband move into the town of Walp.

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