Nymphomania Priestess v.0.65
Nymphomania Priestess

The main characters are a man, an aspiring adventurer, and a priestess. The priestess is modest and feminine to the public, but in reality she is strongly attracted to the adventurer and goes crazy for

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Potion Shop Schwesterherz v.0.30
Potion Shop Schwesterherz

"Potion Shop Schwesterherz" is a game about two girls running a shop! This game is in a very early state. You, the player, is controlling Sonja, the girl that roams the forest and collects

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JPDE2 - Adagio of Darkness Ep.6
JPDE2 - Adagio of Darkness

Three years have passed since the day that has come to be known as the Fall of Beacon. A darkness revealed itself to the world of Remnant. In its wake, it aimed to split her, break the spirit of her

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Mahou Arms v.0.3.1581
Mahou Arms

Mahou Arms is an anime-inspired character-action hack and slash that tells the story of a magical girl paramilitary group fighting back against an alien invasion. The human race is on the brink of total

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BrokenPanty v.0.5.4

BrokenPanty is a 1v1 girls fighting game where. The objective is to break your opponent's clothes and subdue her, in the middle of the battle you can use sexual movements and objects against the

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Warlock and Boobs v.0.500.0.2
Warlock and Boobs

We have to play as a boy-erotomaniac Crowley McCormick, who begins to learn the delights of adulthood. Crowley has always wanted to study magic, hunt for monster girls and, above all, fuck. Help Crowley

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Shoot monsters and romance them during combat! In Sombionic you play as a female scientist fighting monsters and genetically engineered humans, harvesting their rare genes and organs for your own

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Secrets of Mind Domination v.0.53
Secrets of Mind Domination

Join Mona on her adventure to become a great doctor, in a city that holds dark secrets of mind and sexual domination. Will Mona be able to save herself from the dark events happening in the city? Will

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Sunrise City v.1.1.0
Sunrise City

Sunrise City is a visual novel/deck building game with adult content inspired by manga and comics. The game takes place in Sunrise City where you play as a student in the Battle section of the

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Dream Shifter Day1 v.0.0.1
Dream Shifter

Start stepping into the combat boots of Sergeant Nate Hunter on his last day in the military. Little does he know. This is just the beginning of a wild ride that'll take you across the globe,

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Princess & Conquest v.0.21.01
Princess & Conquest

Princess & Conquest is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain "incident"! The sudden disappearance of a

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A Struggle with Sin v.
A Struggle with Sin

A Struggle With Sin is the story of a fantasy world in the midst of a civil war. Rising taxes and raids by orcs and bandits make each villager act according to their own needs first. Will you become like

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