Lust Goddess

Year: 2024
Official site: hooligapps
Players: 100 000+
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Browser Games, Android (apk file)
  • interesting plot
  • immersive gameplay
  • sexual content
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Lust Goddess

Lust Goddess: an adult browser game

Finding a basic, somewhat entertaining card game is easy, but coming across one packed to the brim with sexy characters and thrilling collectible cards is incredibly difficult. Thankfully, Lust Goddess is there to help gamers from all around the world satisfy their lustful urges while having a blast and being entertained for hours on end. This fantasy world is full of beautiful mercenary girls and is incredibly immersive to explore and to make things better; it’s one of the few free online games that functions flawlessly on a browser without any issues.

Before even getting into the story, gamers get a chance to enjoy the phenomenal graphics and stunning art that’s impossible not to get mesmerized by. Although this erotic game is NSFW, the characters aren’t constantly engaging in hardcore sex, so while playing, you won’t be bombarded with unnecessary and tasteless pornographic content, which can be found in many other games. This makes it incredibly easy to also focus on the story and not just the NSFW elements of it, and once you get into the plot, you’ll be glued to your screen for countless hours without knowing how much time has passed.

Characters and Plot

Lust Goddess puts players in the role of a Captain in charge of a team of sexy mercenaries who are more than happy to serve and obey your wishes. The city you’re in charge of protecting is full of thieves and bandits who turn every beautiful woman they see into a sex slave, but by defeating them, you’ll get to be their savior, and they’ll happily join your squad. Defeating the bandits might not be easy, but with the help of the stunning babes you rescue, you’ll have all the tools necessary to destroy them.

The very moment gamers load up this incredible fantasy game on their browser, they’re introduced to Kitty, a busty mercenary with pretty pink hair. She’s one of the girls in your squad, and to help you get back on your feet after a defeat, she’ll gladly exercise with you as soon as the game loads, and by exercise, she means having steamy and passionate sex. From then on, you’re introduced to other hotties from your squad, including Dominica and Kira. Throughout the game, there are plenty more girls to save and put into your team, and all of them have unique, stunning features that are a joy to see when they reward you with sex.


Aside from having a gripping story and breathtaking characters, Lust Goddess is also one of the rare games that has incredibly fun and engaging gameplay. This free sex collectible card game is turn-based, so once you get into battle, you’ll get a chance to see which characters the opponents play before putting your sexy mercenaries into the field to defeat them. Although it seems simple at first, throughout the game, the difficulty increases, so you’ll have to strategize to see which mercenaries synergize with one another and where they’re best placed on the field.

Not only is the gameplay during the battle scenes incredible, but this phenomenal browser game also offers a lot of content outside of it. For instance, for every single girl you save or unlock, you’ll be able to upgrade, which in turn gives them a new sexy look and increases their stats. There’s also a chatting option that you can use to interact with the hotties and earn their trust, which leads to fantastic sex scenes that also provide you with additional XP and currencies you can use within the in-game shop.


To enjoy this mesmerizing fantasy game, you can either play it online on your desktop or simply download it to your Android device and enjoy it on the go. To play it online, all you’ll need is a desktop or smartphone with an internet connection, with which you can go to any of the available browsers and head straight into the action. If you plan on playing the game directly from your Android device, you can download the APK file, install it, and explore the raunchy card collectible adventure.

The best part of Lust Goddess is that no matter what device you’re playing on, your playing experience is guaranteed to be of high quality. A big issue for many games that offer both desktop and smartphone versions of their game is gameplay, which often ends up being noticeably worse on one device compared to the other. So, if you’re looking to fulfill your wildest fantasies and interact with the hottest characters imaginable, all while having engaging turn-based gameplay to enjoy, Lust Goddess is the best free game you can choose. Don’t miss out on the chance to see how breathtaking the characters are while rewarding and “exercising” with you.
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