Booty Heroes

Year: 2023
Official site: hooligapps
Players: 100 000+
Genre: RPG adventure
Languages: English
Platform: Desktop, Browser
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The only heroes everyone loves

Roleplaying games have been one of the most sought-after for years, but not many of them had adult themes and sexual elements. Thankfully the rise in popularity of hentai has made a huge impact on the games. Booty Heroes is an idle RPG adventure that’s packed to the brim with stunning chicks and intense combat. Although the game’s an idler, gamers have a lot of ways to improve their team and defeat vile enemies. Of course, as they progress through the game they’re rewarded with some of the spiciest sexual content that’s ever been in gaming.

Gripping and erotic storylines

Booty Heroes sets the player off on a thrilling adventure through the fantasy One World where you’re tasked to save the land from despair. After the gorgeous goddess Amura vanished, you’re the chosen one who will bring her back to the throne and bang the hottest chicks while doing so. As with most RPG titles, there are loads of magical elements to be found in the fantasy land. While playing gamers get to interact with powerful chicks with immense magical powers, and with each victory, they’re rewarded with artifacts that uncover the mystery of what had happened. In order to defeat them however you must satisfy their lustful needs and make them orgasm, but that’s much easier said than done.

An idler with interesting gameplay

Most idle games are extremely simplistic and focus mostly on gathering as much material as possible. Booty Heroes does things differently by having different classes that have specific abilities that help defeat certain enemies. The game’s intuitive to understand as your only task is to make a phenomenal team of erotic chicks. Once you put them onto the battlefield you’ll get to watch them defeat foes with ease. For each heroine you obtain, you’re able to upgrade and even evolve, which will increase their stats. On top of that, you can also obtain items that you can equip on them, and once you’ve made a squad full of geared-up and leveled-up hotties nobody will be able to stop you.

Amazing graphics and juicy rewards

Throughout every battle, the animations are extremely smooth so it’s quite easy to get immersed. Since they oftentimes don’t last that long, you’ll be spending a lot of time in other areas of the game where you’ll be exploring the sexual elements. Aside from being rewarded with a racy photo after a victory, you can also see their clothes fall off in real-time when upgrading them. Idlers are perfect for casual gamers that adore playing every now and then, but Booty Heroes makes it hard to let go of the controls. Whether you’re enjoying the raunchy rewards that you receive for winning or making sure your team composition is perfect to win, you’ll be having a blast while playing. Head inside and get immersed in a story where you’re the main character and all of the heroines you come across eagerly let you use their stunning bodies.
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