Dirty League

Year: 2021
Official site: Hooligapps
Players: 1 150 000+
Genre: Match-3 game with RPG elements
Languages: English
Platform: Browser
  • Full Frontal and hardcore nudity
  • Intriguing battles
  • Sophisticated battle mechanics
  • Satisfying orgies
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What is DirtyLeague and how do you jerk off to it?

Well, hello, my dear and poor, how are you? Today, we will talk about a game called DirtyLeague and find out all the juicy details!
DirtyLeague was created in the match-3 genre and is a typical, magical, RPG with beautiful women; however, there is one problem: firstly, you must first reach these women by freeing them from a magical prison, and if your dick has not yet learned how to storm the castle gates, then you will have to work with your brain. I feel like you're already turned on, so...

What's the plot?

Your character is a handsome man, an athlete, a Komsomol member with a knee-deep member who destroys the monogamous standards of society and collects his own harem. His main mission is to gather a squad of half-naked girls so that he can become the most authoritative man in his kingdom and bend the main cocksucker boss, all by scaling 15 steps of the tower. As you may have already understood, climbing the tower is the ultimate goal.

As you progress through level after level in doubles games and defeat your opponents, you will get rewards by connecting puzzle pieces with the help of your girls. But these awards are not just gold or diamonds—these are orgies with insatiable whores! Thanks to their talents, you get the long-awaited result! How? Everything is simple! Each girl is associated with a certain color, a fact that can be useful against certain opponents!

The whole point of the game is to quickly pick the right color for your girl and defeat the enemy. But not everything is so simple! You need to constantly complete levels in order to “invest” rewards in their talent and upgrade the abilities of these insatiable whores.

My authoritative opinion:

The passage of this game causes not only a storm of emotions, but also a storm in pants, so I advise you to stock up on napkins and patience because the levels here are not as easy as they seem. The usual game for everyone consisting of matching colors for speed begins to seem like a gambling game. You get used to your harem of girls and fight back with all your might because any normal person has no desire to share such beauties! In addition, with the victory, your harem is replenished, and the dick increases in size exponentially!

So, quickly enter the game and become my opponent!
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