Comix Harem

Year: 2021
Official site: Kinkoid
Players: 500000+
Languages: English
Platform: Browser, Android
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Rabbit, harem and magic dick
You are certainly not Alice in Wonderland, but I recommend you follow the rabbit! How? Follow the superheroine Bunny Girl, who will be your guide throughout the game.

Oh my God! This is a new comic book game with fucking awesome graphics!
How are you, wankers? I'm sure you already miss something new! Spoiler: DC and Marvel fans will finish to ceiling when they hear the news. Well... what kind of superpower would you like to have? No, wanker, you have no fantasy. The invisible man is no longer so relevant. Magic dick is the coolest one.

I see you are already intrigued! That's right, the main character of this game has a really magical dick that strengthen the abilities of the girls. What? Oh, finally I'm ready to tell you all the details. You and your superhero assistants will help you fight the villains. Now we add the whole puzzle.

Your main character with a fucking magical dick has his harem of super sluts to please him throughout the game! Wow! Moreover, they need this almighty dick so much that they literally ask you to fuck them and pay you to strengthen your abilities!

Gameplay, graphics and money for the experience
What is the general motivation for the game? As an everywhere, this game has a supervillain who keeps the little ones away from you. You, in turn, must find them and offer them a safe place in the harem. The one who best satisfies them all wins.

Do you ready to hear the name of this little masterpiece? Comix Harem! By the way, I was pleasantly surprised about the graphics. It’s no less then 10/10! And no censorship. Comix Harem is a comix style online multiplayer porn game in which you can enjoy real RPG for free.
As usual, the quests that you will go through require energy. As soon as it ends, you can top up it with a special game hard currency - gold. Well, or you can just wait for the balance to be refilled. Despite the fact that quests can take energy, you get experience! And this experience will allow you to further increase your level.

Buy buns and jooj up sluts
Well, what about without additional buns? The store will provide them to you. By buying different items of equipment, you make your bitches stronger in bidwas. Every item you buy will affect their characteristics in a certain way. It is really important, wanker, you will have to take equipment for them anyway, so that your performances against villains and other players are as fucking as possible! So, take your dick in your hands and run to play Comix Harem!
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Miguel19 November 2021 05:45
??Es alucinante el juego!! ????
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