Girlvania: Summer Lust

Year: 2014
Official site: Girlvanic
Players:2 000 000 +
Genre: Sexual simulations
Languages: All Languages
Platform: Windows
  • This is one of the best sex simulators ever made
  • The animation is amazing
  • Lots of different sex positions you can play around with
  • It has a high level of polish
  • You can pretend you are a porn director
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Here's a chance for all you gay borderline guys to find out what it's like to be a chick and what it's like to be stimulated vaginally. What's crazy is that you'll be doing it with yourselves, or rather your 3D animated character, because when you come to, you become a girl. That memory of your high school days when everyone called you a faggot and a broad, and now you can relive it again in a free sexy video game. Exciting, isn't it?

So, before you start, promo pages await you, letting you know what the game is all about, and that it's an experience unlike any other, and that you'll love it for the rest of your life. Of course you will. Even GTA V can't be as good, but I understand that they just went overboard with the promotion. That's how the bills are paid. Nevertheless, you still have to download the game first and it will cost $40. You have to want to play it badly enough to shell out 40 c.u., and that's why I, TPD, show up here to let you know it's worth it. Since I'm doing this review, it's worth it, otherwise, I won't waste my time on it. Figure it out.

The look and feel of the game is solid, and it draws you in right away. And I didn't like it, because I was going to hate the game. That didn't happen. I was expecting it to be one of those "move the mouse quickly up and down" type games where you mice up chicks, and it really is that kind of game, but better. You have three characters to choose from. All three are sexy and desirable, as they should be, and you can fuck them. The great thing about is the customization of the characters. More in the next paragraph, baby.

So, customization even affects shoes. It's a girl, and of course shoes are going to be an important factor here. If you like details, you'll like the fact that you can choose their shoes, their socks, you can choose what kind of panties these animated sluts will wear. Lacy, dark, sexy, just name it. You are a fashion icon from now on, and if that doesn't make you gay, I don't know what will. Shooting locations are also available. When you're feeling inspired for some hot quickie sex, the rooftop is perfect. Just imagine - sunshine, nice breeze, freedom, so damn hot. Then you can do it in the beach house, or you can get kinky, go down to the basement and do it there like a real superfreak. Rick James himself couldn't have done it any better. Give me that, baby!!!

I noted that the controls were a little clunky and it took me a while to get used to them. I'm a gamer, but it was quite the ordeal because obviously that's the game's thing, and the controls and details weren't a priority. After a while I got used to it, it's nothing to me, but I couldn't get away from the thought that the game guide would have come in handy, and that a lot could have been done in relation to the nature and atmosphere of Girlvanic.

Some real-life freaks among you might shell out an extra $1 for the "Feet and Feet" expansion, which allows you to experiment sexually with your feet. Fans of foot fetish will just cum from this feature. I liked that the game doesn't go overboard with the add-ons and upselling, because that's what turns fans away from games of this genre. found the right balance and, from what I've seen online, they do a great job.

I noticed a few flaws, and they were all related to the game's viability. They lacked variety. There are three locations you can choose from, and after some time the sex and everything else gets monotonous. They need variety and it's not hard to implement, the programmers and designers just need to sit around for a day and produce extra stuff to do in the game. Regardless, the $40 you pay is still worth this game. Check out and see what I'm talking about. It's worth it.
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