Town of Sins

Year: 2021
Official site: townofsins
Players: 1 500 000+
Genre: CCG
Languages: All Languages
Platform: Desktop, Browser
  • Unique card mechanics
  • Uncommon storyline
  • Extreme fetishes
  • Immersive world
  • Tantalizing animations
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Feeling like a main character

You wake up in the car. Burning sun makes your eyes wide open. Your throat is dry because of all these empty bottles around you. You look around... Oh, fuck, why is this car full of hoes?... Nothing surprising. Maybe these fucking traces of alcohol cause my headaches? You don't need to be a wunderkind to understand that the city is getting closer. ?You and your bitchy gang literally rush into this fucking paradise on Earth. Can you really find the place more drowsy, more tedious and more boring than this one? These neat houses, lovely and sweet people... Ew, everything about this place makes your stomach churn. Hmm, I wish I had my own theme park with with blackjack and hookers. Can something go wrong, mmm? It turns out that local women are not really welcome. They would do everything to maintain calm and order in their cozy little town while your goal is to destroy it and turn this place into source of pleasure and lust. So, what do you gonna do??

What is the game about and card

Town of Sins is the browser card game rated "18+" (but we won't tell your mummy if you're still a kid). You can play only on your computer absolutely for free. All you need is a mouse, darling. ?

How can I fight these dull virgins?

To win these quiet ones you must play cards. I promise you haven't seen such game before! Creators and illustrators have made something great cause the plot and graphic design are really amazing! You can combine items with characters to make your card stronger. This is the best way to beat the most powerful enemies. Collect more and more card and improve them. Pumping your cards ability allows you to undress more beautiful girls and become even more powerful! By the way, there's a rating system and special arena where you can fight with others players for real prizes to show them all who is daddy here!

How to make these bitches know who's their daddy and undress them faster

If you want to be the best player and complete the game faster, you'd better use some paid benefits. (don't be stingy - you'll get your own casino so soon!) Exactly these paid supplements make the gameplay more interesting and dynamic - so don't be afraid to spend your money, don't waste your time and take your fucking best!

The best card game of 2021 ??

Town of Sins will surely change your mind about card games, believe me. It's able to drag you into the game process without any chance to quit. It's not like novels or strategies. And if you prefer playing strip games, you've found the best place. Hot girls are waiting for you here, sooo hurry up!?
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