Gay Harem

Year: 2015
Official site:
Players:1 000 000 +
Genre: LGBT
Languages: All Languages
Platform: desktop, mobile
  • sexy visual novel
  • recognizable characters
  • infinite gameplay potential
Welcome to the crazy world of Gay Harem, where you will meet hot and excited guys in manga style! In this RPG game you will have to confront your rivals, trying to defeat them in sexual battles and create your own Gay Harem bar. A lot of homosexual scenes without censorship. You will become the hero of this game, so it's time to create and develop your own harem, as well as your own character to win all the battles! Create the best harem bar in the crazy world of excitement, if you're already ready for the task, what you will learn when you start playing Gay Harem!

The Story
This story starts with standard hentai writing tropes and torpedoes you into porn fantasy land. You play as a random young dude who is as forgettable as feminist literature. He’s a fucking nobody. But, he’s a lucky nobody. When you first start this game, you get an intro in which he’s checking out three dudes in a very hot threesome, in what appears to be a college classroom. He gets all hot and bothered, pops a giant boner, and tries to jack off, like a good little voyeur. But, he is interrupted by this random dude who, and this isn’t clear at first, is actually a magical being of some sort. He looks like an average 40-year-old dude, but with huge muscles. He’s like me from the future, grey hair and all. He still acts like an eager schoolboy, though.

So, he bends over and shows you his asshole and says that if you catch him, you can stick your cock into any hole you want to. Then, he runs off. You give chase, then trip on your own erection and slide straight into this dude’s magical world of gay harems. You get sucked off by Vegeta and Link, yes, those Vegeta and Link, and then the screen flashes white.

By the way, this game borrows characters from other franchises without explicitly saying that they are from other franchises. It’s just sort of a casual artistic resemblance. Still, if you’ve ever wanted to suck off specific cocks of specific dudes from your favorite animes, chances are this game will let you do that.

So, you wake up in bed with this dude, and he explains that in this world, life is all about collecting dudes for your harem. It’s not like a slave collection concept; it’s more like Pokemon. The dudes love you, and they want to be dominated, so it’s perfectly acceptable that you are essentially collecting a dude-zoo. When you collect dudes, you’re expected to train them to combat other dudes, but not with fists. No, in this world, problems are settled with boners. The hotter your dudes, the better they do in combat.

The Gameplay
This is the least boner-inducing part of the game, which is kind of weird considering how people play porn games in order to jack off. But, bear with me. You might like it. The game is basically one of those super simple 2D city simulators, like FarmVille or what have you. You’ve got your harem, which seems to be located in an ancient Japanese village where most things are cock-shaped, and everyone’s got dick on the brain.

You manage your harem from the main screen, making sure that you also have the resources necessary to progress with what needs to be done. Naturally, you’re going to want to progress the story in order to see what happens next. But, in order to do that, you have to grow your harem and win fights against other dudes. I think you can also fight other human players, but in that passive, offline mode style where you are simply matched up against their team, and you see who wins. More on that later.

Basically, you are managing your harem the same way you would balance a checkbook. You make sure all of your finances are in order, and when you run out of crucial currency, you have to either wait real-world hours for them to recharge or pay actual hard-earned cash to speed things along. This game really wants to stick its cock in your wallet.

Art and Smut
I mentioned that the smut scenes in this game are fantastic, and I stand by that. Two things make this smut fap-worthy. One, the story is loaded with smut throughout and two, the smut is basically drawn as a tribute to popular anime. Normally, I’d try to describe the visual style, but in this case, I’ll just say, imagine if DragonBall and One Piece had a baby and that baby was an adult porn game. That’s what you have here, gentlemen. Weeb rule 34 wrapped in a porn game where you own and operate a harem as a business.

You can definitely jack off to the first few scenes in this game as well as the few following chapters. They’re absolutely fantastic. The smut dips in quality a bit in later stages, when you have to put in literal hours of gameplay to get to the next scene. That’s when they start encouraging you to maybe loosen the coin purse. If you enjoy spending money on micro-transactions, then you’ll fap through this entire game. If you’re looking for a long and free fapping experience, though, you might want to look elsewhere. Either way, this game is one of the most popular free porn games out there, so it’s certainly worth a try.

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