Original Title:

X-Angels ~正義で堕とせ!美少女ヒーロー~

Release date:



Barance Studio



Type of Edition:

Original (licensed)


English | Japanese | Chinese


PC / Windows

System Requirements:

OS Windows 7 :: CPU i3 :: RAM 8GB:: HDD: 5GB::


Use the power of your virginity to defeat and humiliate the corrupt Angels in this rogue-lite card battle thriller!

The Angels rule over Pheonix City with an iron fist as the people remain blissfully unaware of their crimes...
You were supposed to lose your virginity on that day, but a mysterious creature appeared to put an end to that! Apparently your chastity is the key to defeating the corrupt Angels!
With a renewed sense or purpose, you begin to plot against the Angels in order to restore peace to your beloved city.
Why did the Angels betray the city? What hidden secrets does the city hold? What consequences await once you prevail?
All these mysteries will be unveiled in the end...

Tags: SLG, Strategy, RPG, ADV, Turn Based Combat, Animation, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Male Protagonist, Internal View, Monsters, Monster Girl, Ahegao, Anal, Group, Oral, Vaginal Sex, Big Tits, Creampie, Rape, Titsjob, Voiced, Unity


File Size: 4.8 GB

How to Play?

1. Extract and run.
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