The daily life of a girl who is interested in being a negative girl is being changed into a positive person v.1.01

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Time's Propensity



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Original (licensed)




PC / Windows

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ОS: Win 7/8.1/10 | CPU: 2x@2.4 GHz | RAM: 4 GB | DirectX:9.0 | HDD:1.5 GB

The daily life of a girl who is interested in being a negative girl is being changed into a positive person

Kenta Nakajima is an ordinary high school boy.
He is a quiet person who doesn't stand out in class, but he only has one female friend.
That person is Ayaka Minami, a high school girl who is also quiet and calm, and whom she met by chance.
Their relationship gradually grows closer thanks to their shared hobby of gaming, but they are unable to cross the line.
Still, we were able to spend happy days together as gaming friends.

Tags: jRPG, NTR, Oral, Vaginal Sex, School, Creampie, Corruption, Piercing, RPGM


File Size: 1.5 GB

How to Play?

1. Extract and run.
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