Abyss of intersection R-18

It is a game based on the theme of Sword Art Online. The story revolves around Kirito finding Cardinal's message in a large library, revealing that the secret chamber in the Western End Mountains requires three keys to unlock. Kirito and Eydis embark on a journey to unravel the mystery of the seal.

The game features six chapters, and completing each chapter will unlock character memories. Traps and unexpected events will occur within the maze.

Unlike the regular version, the R-18 version contains explicit content.

Year of manufacture: 2023
Release date: 2023/09/04
Genre: jRPG, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Harem, Internal Cumshot, Breast Sex, Vanilla Sex, Squirting, Virgin Female
Censorship: Yes
Developer/Publisher: Mys
Platform: PC/Windows
Publication type: Original (licensed)
Medicine: Not required
Version: 1.0
Game language (story): Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Voice language: Japanese
System requirements: OS: Win 7/8.1/10 | CPU: 2x@2.4 GHz | RAM: 4 GB | DirectX:9.0 | HDD: 1.0 GB

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