NTR Alchemy ~Before I knew it, my beloved wife and best friend completed the human transmutation~

A year ago, Clyde planned to go to a city and stay there for a while to study alchemy.
However, in his hometown, there was a girl he was in love with, his childhood friend Leina.
So Clyde decided to——make her his wife and ask her to wait for his return.
Soon, Clyde was indeed back as a licensed alchemist, but…

“Leina, let me introduce, he’s my buddy in the past year, my best friend Kirknia!”
“Eh…eh…!? This dark skin…the Kapeloss…!?”

Clyde brought a dark-skinned young man back to the village.
Due to the color of their skin, the Kapeloss were discriminated against
because they were misunderstood and believed to be related to the unsealed demons.
Clyde believes his wife and best friend will get along.
He doesn’t know…
His beloved wife and best friend would gradually get into such relationship…

Thread Updated: 2022/12/28
Release Date: 2022/12/27
Genre: 2DCG, Creampie, Big Tits, Male Protagonist, Monster, NTR, Vaginal Sex
Developer: Ero Turbo
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English + Japanese + Chinese

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