Vampire Life 0.52.1 plus

Vampire Life 0.52.1 plus

This is an adult, erotic game for people over 18 only.
A game with a bias on hentai themes and profanity (mat).
We play a vampire, which has developed in truth is not an easy fate.
Where he finds himself in a completely unfamiliar post-war fantasy world, completely deprived of his memory, where adventure and danger await him at every corner.

Our vampire, because of an unknown gene mutation, can eat ordinary human food, and because of this mutation, he is a slave of his immunity. Those people who survived invented a vaccine and stopped being exposed to the virus, but this vaccine does not affect the vampire and he needs to come up with something else, such as drinking the blood of morphs, so as not to die.
Do many races agree to volunteer for this? The answer is no!

This is where the path of our protagonist begins, in order to survive, he will have to capture morphs.
And what then to do with this morph? Let go? Sell? Have sex or just kill?
And can bring up and tame? Or maybe fall in love with yourself? Request a ransom? or..... ? You decide!

v.0.52.1 Plus
1. Fixed level miscalculation
2. Fixed a problem with the fact that the player became invisible in some locations
3. Fixed a bug with ataman when after 18+ there was a black screen
4. Fixed bug with incorrect display of stats after receiving a trait
5. Fixed the assignment of a trait
6. Fixed a training glitch with a higher level, when after it you were sent to the characteristics and it was buggy
7. Fixed bug with inaccessible maid Nastya
8. Fixed a bug with the lag of achievement, when it begins if the scene begins with the servant Nastya
9. Reduced step sounds
10. Fixed teleportation and disabling character icon
11. Fixed a bug with a rare beautiful game when you met Nasty
12. Removed the error due to which the numbers could blunt in the upper right corner and stay in the game
13. Fixed visual display of the throne in some cases.
14. Fixed character rendering. When it was shown that he was bandaged although he had no wounds
15. Fixed constant spawn chest in the lair.
16. Adjusted the drop of the skulls on the map
17. Reduced drop from minotaurs
18. Now skill points are taken away correctly. Some actions made it impossible.
19. Fixed bug accomplishment shirts, the text did not change
20. Fixed a critical bug that caused a stuck on the location without the possibility of leaving it

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