Reverse Rape Reincarnation [Ver.1.01] 2017

An unfortunate accident of you on the brink of death.
A Goddess appears before you with a proposal ...
"I'll send you to another world,
So become the Hero and defeat the Demon Lord. "
You were expecting your reincarnation to be great!
To have a cheat-like powers and a harem of women ...
But it turns out that she forgot to raise your parameters
Before reincarnating you and you are just, normal old you ...
What awaits you on this quest to defeat the Demon Lord !?
An endless torrent of reverse. That's what ...

Release date: 2017/02/17
Date of renovation: 2017/02/17
Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Busty / Big Breasts / Big Tits, Creampie / Bukakke, No Reverse, Nonhuman / Monster Girl, FootJob, Orgy / Group, Woman Rapes Man
Censorship: Is in the game
Developer / Publisher: dieselmine
Platform: PC / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Version: Ver.1.01
Language of game: Japanese
Language: Japanese
Language of voice: Japanese
Minimum System Requirements:
:: CPU Intel Celeron / PentiumIII 2GHz + :: RAM 4GB + :: HDD 1.2GB ::
:: Video 1024x768 full color :: DirectX 8.0+ :: DirectDraw7.0 + ::

Download Reverse Rape Reincarnation [Ver.1.01] 2017
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