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For this game, the author borrowed a lot from the well-known game Undertale, the smallest of which
1 You can go through the game in one of three different subject branches that directly depend on the players actions - P route (Pacifist), N Route (Neutral), G route (genocide). In other words, the game can be completed without killing anyone, or vice versa, exterminating everyone. In all cases, the development of the plot and the dialogues are very different from each other.
2 The status changes and the passed dialogs are recorded automatically, so that if you get a passive negative status after losing a monster, you cannot simply load the previous save game - the status will remain. Or if you went along the genocide branch, but did not like it, they started it again - the monsters will still remember it in a certain case
The protagonist Kazuya gets into an accident, after which he falls into a coma. Waking up after 5 years, he finds himself in a cryogenic sleep capsule in an underground refuge bunker. Soon he manages to communicate via wireless radio with his friend Yuma. Hume tells Kazuya that while he was sleeping, a war began with monsters in the world, which the organization M.O.W. called for during its experiments. . and he himself has already served in the army for some time. Yuma offers Kazuya to get out of the bunker, go through the city and get to him to explain everything and understand what to do next. In the bunker, Kazuya is the only survivor and monsters walking around, so he will have to fight his way through. Armed with a pistol lying nearby and charging him with cartridges, Kazuya sets off on a journey in which many unexpected discoveries about himself, his friends and enemies await him, and perhaps he will be the one who decides the fate of the world.
In my opinion, one of the best creations in the RPG maker is that there is an excellent non-linear plot, a very well-developed battle system, as well as fully animated sex scenes.
The author works on the game for the third year, adding chapters from time to time. There will be 4 chapters in total. This version contains 3.
(Torrent will be updated as the game updates)

Year of release: 2017-2019
Genre: JRPG, Survival Horror, Reverse Rape, Vore, Guro, animated, Femdom, Monster Girls
Censorship: Yes
Developer / Publisher: Devil's Office
Platform: PC / Windows
Edition type: Original (license)
Tabletka: Not Required
Version: 3.11
Game language (plot): Japanese
Interface Language: Japanese
System requirements (minimum): HDD: 1020 mb
Definition: 600x480
RPG Maker VX Ace RTP

Game system:
Battle screen
Battles occur in the first person. From the bottom of the screen we see three parameters.
1 (Resistence / resistance)
In essence, these are our units of health. Also used for some abilities
2 (Vitality / Stamina)
Responsible for using almost all abilities
3 Sex. Excitation
When reaching 100 = Game Over. The protagonist ends, after which the monster rapes the protagonist to death.

After the battle
2 options - release (increases the location of the monster to the protagonist, and also increases the chance that instead of fighting the monster will lead the conversation and give some unique item. The second option - to finish off - lowers the monster's location to the protagonist, gives experience points.

About Accidents (Accidents)
The more we lose the battles, the higher the likelihood of accidents - extremely negative with their high level (you can see the levels in passive abilities) - the libre of the game gets an advantage, or the protagon immediately throws itself into the arms of the monster and so forth. There are positive "incidents" - when the monster's location is high, then she can start a conversation
It should be noted that as mentioned above in the description, the passive negative status remains on the protagonist even if you load the previous save game or start a new game. There are 2 ways to get rid of this effect:
1 Defeat this monster as many times as what level is the passive status (which becomes more difficult with each new defeat.
2 Raise the level of the monster's location to 100 (more details in paragraph 3 of the tips for passing a pacifist branch) and ask her to erase the status

Battle menu
1 - attack / attack
Use a firearm (reload here) or a cold weapon to cause physical damage.
2 Magic / magic
Use magic
3 Action / action
Here are 8 main points. From left to right
1 Meditation (not sure about the translation)
Use takeaway points. To restore the strength of the resist. And lowering sex. Woomen With the status of "Panic" will be the opposite effect
2 deep breath
Use power points resist. To restore stamina. The opposite effect with the status of "panic"
3 Slap seya cheeks
With a 50% chance of getting rid of the Enchanted status - if you ignore the status, it will progress until the protagonist can no longer restrain the desire to have sex
4 Kick your cheeks
With a 100% chance of getting rid of the Enchanted status - if you ignore the status, it will progress until the protagonist can no longer restrain the desire to have sex
5 Remove weapons
Open the "Convince leave" option
6 * Convince to leave
Agree with the monster, so that she in return for money, click on it and so forth (the higher their location, the higher the chance that it will just go away)
Does not work on bosses
6 undress
If not for a certain kind of motive, then still to create the moment of attack, since the monster will become defenseless at this time.
7 * Take a weapon
In the event that it is not in the hands
7 Take a stitch to dodge
Necessary for dodging special attacks
8 Take a protective rack
Similar to clause 7, but in some other situations
9 * (optional)
In very specific cases

4 Resist / Resist
Here are 4 options. 1 option weakly try to escape. Option 2 strenuously try to escape. Option 3 - off with yourself (free your hands). 4 option - release the legs

5 Surrender / surrender
When nothing is left
6 Do nothing / do nothing
Regain 20% Stamina
7 Items
Use item


Download SHRIFT 3.11
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