My Mysterious Rule! It’s Natural to Get Intimate When I Win Against a Female Trainer v.1.14

Original Title:

ヤリステメスブター ボクだけの謎ルール!女トレーナーに勝つとエッチあたりまえ

Release date:





Bosom Studio



Type of Edition:

Original (licensed)




PC / Windows

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10

My Mysterious Rule! It’s Natural to Get Intimate When I Win Against a Female Trainer

More than 150 monster RPG volume!
If you win, you will come up with an etch!
Challenge monsters to battle the top!
Take advantage of the trump card "cheat tackle" with the partner of the hero
Defeat the overwhelming rank!
In this world there is a mysterious creature called jaromon.
The main character of the drowning and the weak Jasmine combination was it
Until that day.
The day when jasmine of the partner memorized the power 80000 "cheat tackle"
If you use this technique, you can defeat any opponent
You can do it
Of course, it is not so sweet to aim at the top, and as a trainer eventually
I have to polish my arms, but I still shot my childhood friend for the first time
I was so glad that I finally came back with a little money.
"You can do it!"

Tags: jRPG, Male Protagonist, Pixel, Outdoor, Hypnosis, Virgin, Public, Creampie, Masturbation, RPGM


File Size: 2.6 GB

How to Play?

1. Extract
2. Play the game
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