Demon Queen Melissa 1.01

After the previous fearmongering demon king was defeated, his daughter, Melissa, takes on the role of the new lord of demons.

However, despite her strength, she decides to abandon the way of life the previous king had established and live in coexistence with humankind.

One day when the human hero Lufia visits the demon king’s castle, Melissa welcomes her with open arms. But when the hero’s sacred seal activates, Melissa, Lufia, and Melissa’s subject, Marina, are caught in its spell and lose their ability to cast magic! Now powerless, the male demons start having their way with the new demon queen. But little does Melissa know that her magic can be replenished uniquely.

Release Date: 2023/01/21
Genre: RPG, Cosplay, Naughty, Outdoor Exposure, Shame, Gangbang, Interspecies Sex
Developer: Acerola
Censored: No
Version: 1.01
OS: Windows
Language: English

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