Karryn's Prison v.

Release date:








Type of Edition:

Original (licensed)


English | Russian


PC / Windows

System Requirements:

● CPU: 2.5+ GHz
● RAM: 8 GB
● VRAM: 256 MB
● HDD: 1,8 GB

Karryn's Prison

In Karryn's Prison, you play as Karryn, the new warden of a notorious prison where a riot has just occurred. Will you subdue the violent inmates by force, or will you find yourself subdued yourself when your resistance to their relentless sexual harassment begins to fall? Shape yourself and the prison the way you want it to be, with a system of edicts! Fight sexual harassment with a system of suppressing sexual desires! Become more and more vulnerable to sex with passives!

Tags: jRPG, ADV, Fantasy, Female Heroine, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Blowjob, Bukkake, Creampie, Footjob, Group, Mastrubation, Monsters, Striptease, Titsjob, Virgin, Corruption, Oral, Spanking


File Size: 3.1 GB

How to Play?

1. Unpack the archive Karryn's Prison*version of the game* FULL Steam.zip
2. Run the file nw.exe in the folder Karryn's_Prison
3. play the game
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Comments on the news
Goldboy6 July 2021 06:09
This has to be one of the best hentai games. The amount of different mechanics and complexity is just impressive since its made with a simple rpgmaker engine. The developer created a miracle with the combat system, integrating perfectly the sexuality of the game with it. Even with two minigames within, each with their own sex scenes. Very few games can pull something like this, usually the h of the hgames is more of a burden to the gameplay. Not in Karry's prison, where you see the warden slowly get down the slutty road, or if you are really good, you can finish it as a pure maiden. Sadly the game is still on alpha and is kinda short, being unable to complete the last level.
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