Threads of Destiny 0.1.35

The game is planned in the form of a trilogy, the events of which take place in its unique universe.
The first part of the game tells the story of the formation of the first main characters, filled with magic, secrets of the past, politics, betrayals, and, of course, love and sex. You will get acquainted with the stories of all the characters surrounding the main characters, including your choice and actions will depend on how the fate of a particular character

Year of release: 2017
Release Date: 2017/02/03
Genre: ADV, RPG, Virgin, Fantasy, Demons, Elf, Maids, Pet, Pee, Slave, Lesbians,
Masturbation, All sex, Female / male heroes
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: ElisarStudio
Platform: PC / Windows / Mac OS
Edition type: Under development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.1.35
Game language: Russian + English
Interface Language: Russian + English
Voice Language: Unknown / Other
Minimum system requirements: WindowsXP / Vista / 7/8/10 :: CPU 2.0GHz :: RAM 1024MB :: HDD 600MB :: 1280 x 720

Updates from version 0.0.7 to 0.1.35:
v 0.1.35:
- Improved 6 locations of the estate. Now there are no locations left in the game that would get out of the general style.
- Registered and prepared for the translation of a large layer of the plot associated with the events in the estate. For Ellie and Yumi are ready to fully prescribed and thought out systems for the development of relations based on various random and non-random events in the estate.
- Events with the other inhabitants of the estate are also partially registered.
- In this version, almost all new sprite animations were created for the time system. All this is the basis for the events about which I wrote above.
- Ready for 12 different action animations for Ellie and Yumi. For these actions you can catch from in different parts of the estate at different times of the day, and later, at night.
- Also, ready animation for Taleony, Nancy and Leonora.
- A little refined Nancy, as well as painted her new maid costume and its variations. So far, it appears just as you progress through the quests in the estate, but in the next update, when we load events in the estate, certain events will precede the appearance of its form.
- Fully updated statistics menu. Now it will be possible to receive information about the level of depravity and humility of the heroines, as well as the current level of arousal, which will have a certain influence on the behavior of the characters.
The description of the characters, which previously could be read in this menu, has not gone away and can now be opened by pressing Enter.
Also, for each character, a menu of achievements has appeared. It will be possible to find out if there are any events with this character, whether there are quests associated with it, or any other possible achievements.
In general, we can already look at the frame of this system in the Journal, but as soon as we complete it, we will update the guide on it and fully describe how it works.
- As we promised, in this version we have completed 3 art scenes. Two animated interactive, and one static. You can find them in the quest related to a trip to Artown and buying clothes.
- Before the trip to Artown there will be a small art, and in the clothing store there are two animated art. Just keep in mind that just two artworks in one passage cannot be obtained, and for their discovery there are some features that are described in the passage.
- In this version in the test mode, we added the ability to control the character with the mouse.

v 0.1.3:
- Fully completed work on new locations required for this update.
- Ready 5 new characters from the continuation of the plot and their sets of emotions.
- 1 character got new clothes.
- Sardo, Ellie and Yumi also received a wardrobe update, and now you can forget about old clothes.
- In addition to updating the wardrobe Sardo has undergone some changes and updates appearance. In this regard, all his clothing options from the prologue were corrected.
The range of his emotions is also expanded, as there was a lack of a lot of emotions for the normal construction of dialogues.
- Yumi has been updated and refined. Later for him the spectrum of emotions and the position of the head and hands will be expanded, for greater expressiveness.
- Added 27 sprite sets for new and updated characters.
- Updated Idle and Walk animations for Sardo.
- Added normal animated horses and horse riding animations to the game.
- Fully updated main game menu. Art for him was not chosen by chance. It laid hints on the further development of the plot of the game. And also, just for fun, a couple of secrets are hidden, if you find where you need to click :-D
And also fixed all the errors that were found in the Main menu after the release of the test version.
- Reworked Options menu. Now it has a lot more settings.
In the Options menu also added the ability to customize the autosave function, which will save your current progress when switching between locations.
- The save and load menu has also undergone minor edits that will help navigate it a little better.
- Fixed an issue where the cursor was not highlighted when hovering over active zones or buttons.
- Fully improved support for the web version of the game. Later on this will be some news.
- Fixed work log dialogs. Now the text from the dialogs does not go beyond the screen and does not shift to the side. Log dialog is available at any time by pressing Tab.
The time system in the estate has been partially refined, but there was not enough time to complete it, so I’ll take a close look at it this month. So do not pay attention to the fact that the estate is not all the characters can be immediately found in their rooms or go about their business during the day. This will be fixed in the next version, there just the update will be devoted to the estate and various events and events with its inhabitants.
- Corrected and partially refined dialogues and events after arriving at the estate.
- Loaded 2 new quest continuation of the plot, in which you can get into Artown and after that it will be available for visiting at any time.

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