The Island v.0.3.8
The Island

A visual novel where you are the Main Character, A wealthy business owner sailing the world on his luxury yacht in the not too distant future. Until one day a family secret comes out and your twin

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Harem of Heroes v.1.1.1
Harem of Heroes

Quarry City is the perfect utopia: barley any crime and a legion of heroes to protect you. What a fucking waste. You know the truth, that heroes are nothing more then false idols, dressing in slutty

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My Hotwife v.2.0
My Hotwife

You and your wife are in dire financial straits and are visited by an old school friend. You come up with a brilliant idea on how you can make money by filming home videos. How far will you go, will you

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Plaything v.0.20

This game centers on a brother attempting to blackmail his voluptuous sister.​

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My Demonic Romance v.0.13.2
My Demonic Romance

My Demonic Romance is a Visual Novel with a twist... Sure you're playing a typically geeky guy with classes to attend, a job that sucks and a love life that's DOA.

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Takei's Journey v.0.25.1 Part 1
Takei's Journey

The Takei clan has lived an ordinary, quiet life for centuries, but their historic enemy has finally attacked and knows no mercy to achieve his goals. Now, after learning what his family has kept from

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ThornSin v.0.6.2

Inesa, a battle nun with long legs and beautiful boobs, has a gentle and strong heart, but it seems that something that no one knows is hidden in the depths of that heart. And when she searched for

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Surrendering to My Crush v.1.19
Surrendering to My Crush

A twenty-year-old guy moves into an apartment block where his crush, Aiko, also lives. He has always been a very kind and shy boy so he never told Aiko how he felt about her, but almost by accident, she

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Thief of Hearts v.0.0.1
Thief of Hearts

In “Thief of Hearts”, as the main character, you’ll fill the role of a young man who is navigating through a world of theft, deception, and unexpected alliances. Your journey is not just about being a

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Breed v.0.2

You play as a goblin, captured and used as a housemaid for a Sorceress named Jennifer. Choose the right choices to corrupt her and make her yours to breed her.​

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Fantasy Amusement Park II v.1.0.9
Fantasy Amusement Park II

Perhaps I was destined to become a permanent employee of the King of Hell in this life, and then spend the rest of my life happily with beautiful women. However, I was transported to another world

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Facility of the Void v.0.03
Facility of the Void

You are “X”, a person who has lost their recent memory. You open your eyes after awakening from a deep slumber to see that you are in a room you don’t recognize. You need to try and figure out what

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