Shaggy's Power v.
Shaggy's Power

The Scooby team's latest investigation ends in a complete nightmare! Left without money and housing, they are forced to stay in a strange city for an indefinite period of time. And it seems that

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Rogue-like: Evolution v.1.51
Rogue-like: Evolution

You are a new student at Charles Xavier's Institute for Mutants, with the ability to block the abilities of other mutants when you touch him. At school you meet a girl named Rogue, whose touching

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Treasure of Nadia v.1.0117
Treasure of Nadia

Nadia's Treasure is the sequel to Epidemic of Lust. In this installment, we play as a guy who wants to follow in the footsteps of his recently deceased father and become a famous treasure hunter. On

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Dirty Fantasy v.2.7
Dirty Fantasy

"Dirty Fantasy" is a big love story in which you can become a real macho man for all the girls you've been dreaming about. Your own story in a world where you can meet the girls from your

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Waifu Dreams City v.Build 11
Waifu Dreams City

A full 3D sandbox game, You dance and get Ladies to dance for you to earn money to buy more levels and unlock higher floors with more ladies and animation to watch participate.​

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Girl in Charge v.0.32.2b
Girl in Charge

"Girl in Charge" follows the sexual adventures of Vanessa (or Nessa to her friends) after a particular event...she decides to do what she wants (sexually) without prejudices or judgments. It is

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Her Little Secret v.0.2.81
Her Little Secret

You are young, you have a job, you have great friends and your life is worthwhile. All is well but one, love. You have little to no experience when it comes to dealing with girls. You're hungry for

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Orcslayers - Viewer Preview v.5A
Orcslayers - Viewer Preview

A scene viewer where you can switch between 3 elven models and 2 orc models.

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Learn the Heart v.0.3.6
Learn the Heart

You travel back home after quitting your stressful job. One of your neighbors visits you, and it turns out to be your childhood friend.

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The East Block v.0.3
The East Block

Eastern Bloc is a classic tale featuring Katherine and Luke, who are trying to get their lives together in the big city. Luke has a secret fetish that he tries hard to hide, but recent events have

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MudBlood Prologue v.
MudBlood Prologue

MudBlood Prologue is an adult sandbox and management game set in a medieval fantasy world, where the player is the chief of a goblin tribe that lives inside a cave. Perform raids on neighboring roads,

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Violation Nation Ep.5
Violation Nation

What kind of human being are you? In the not so distant future, the World Council governs the planet, comprising of the richest countries on Earth. They start passing many new controversial policies

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