Seedbed Wars! 1.01

09.11.2022, English Hentai Games,

You have been brought into being as the overseer of "Seedbed Dungeon", and you have but a singular purpose: turn witch girls into seedbeds, and siphon their magic! Don't let a single one of them escape your devious wrath! A line defense game in which your seedbeds give you MP and resources which can be used to summon monsters. It's up to your monsters to defeat the incoming witches, and turn them into seedbeds for siphoning. Violate the witches to get 5 different types of resources (MP, eggs, slime, urine, breast milk) Gather resources, summon monsters, find out your enemy's weaknesses, exploit them, then violate them!

Release year: 2022
Release date: 2022/04/30
Genre: SLG, Strategy, Female Heroine, Fantasy, Tentacles, Interspecies, Anal, Ahegao, Pregnant, Stretch, Urination, Egg Production, Rape, Unity
Censorship: yes
Developer/Publisher: ZNZN Games
Platform: PC/Windows, APK/Android
Publication type: Original (licensed)
Tablet: Not required
Version: 1.01
Game language (plot): Japanese + English
Interface language: Japanese+English
Voice language: Japanese
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11; HDD 2GB

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