Fuckerman Collection 2.0

19.09.2022, English Hentai Games,

We play as a good guy who wins ladies' hearts.

Release year: 2022
Release date: 2022/07/30
Genre: ADV, Animation, Side-scroller, Big Tits, Big Ass, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Puzzle, Humor, Interracial, Group Sex, Futa, Handjob, Titfuck, Sex Toys, Masturbation, Creampie
Censorship: None / There is a patch to remove
Developer/Publisher: Bambook
Platform: PC/Windows
Publication type: Original (licensed)
Tablet: Not required
Version: 2.0
Game language (plot): Russian / English
Interface language: Russian / English
Voice Language: Unknown/ Other
System requirements (minimum): CPU 2.5 GHz / RAM 8 Gb / HDD 6 Gb

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