Lewd Story 0.148

05.06.2021, English Hentai Games,

After a mysterious incident in your hometown, you move to a neighboring town,
to study at the university. You will have to live with your sister ...
I mean, with your childhood friend.
You are bound by a common secret and you do not know
how it will affect your relationship with her.
You also have many opportunities to build relationships with the girls around you.
You have a fateful week ahead of you, the result is in your hands, and with the right decisions between your legs.

Year of issue: 2020
Release date: 2021/05/15
Genre: ADV, Animation, 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Incest, School Setting, Vaginal Sex, Handjob, Lesbian, Groping, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Teasing, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Spanking, Big Ass, Titfuck, Footjob, Mobile Game
Censorship: None
Developer: HornyMonster
Platform: Windows, Mac, Android
Engine: Ren'Py
Publication Type: In Development
Version: 0.148
Game language: English
Interface language: English
Voice Language: None
System requirements:
Win, Mac, Android / RAM: 1GB / VRAM: 1GB / HDD: 2.24Gb

Lewd Story 0.148

Tags: English, Android, Mobile, Voyeurism, Footjob, Spanking, Exhibitionism, Titfuck, Groping, Setting, School, Vaginal, Handjob, Lesbian, Teasing

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