Heroes Rise: Prison Break

07.07.2019, English Hentai Games,

You fall into another world, where the heroes were defeated and imprisoned, and the villains rule everything. But once in the other world, you realize that you did not get into it in your body, but in the body of a traitor who betrayed all the heroes and because of which they were in prison. You have to get acquainted with many characters and justify yourself in front of them, as well as draw up an escape plan from this prison.

Year of release: 2019
Release Date: 2019/06/28
Genre: ADV, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Handjob, Oral sex, POV, Rape, Prisoner, Public
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Skeep
Platform: PC / Windows
Edition type: Under development
Tabletka: Not Required
Version: v1.0]
Game language (plot): English
Interface Language: English
Voice Language: Unknown / Other
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows, Mac, Linux; HDD: 767 Mb
Heroes Rise: Prison Break

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question19 July 2019 06:21
how can I give a weapon to Natasha? I can't get the spoon and the screwdriver can't leave my room. i'm stuck!
dev23 June 2020 14:36

give a rubber vaginal to faclon and u will a wooden spoon
and how to earn trust of harely
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