Harry Potter turns 18 0.12

10.03.2019, English Hentai Games,

Everything about the Harry Potter story, almost everything. Of course, incest, voyeurism and all that.

Year of release: 2018
Release Date: 2018/11/02
Genre: ADV, SLG, Sandbox, Incest, Voyeur, Blowjob, NTR, BDSM, Real porn, magic, Femdom, Gender Bender, Beastiality
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Platform: PC / Linux
Type of publication: Under development
Tabletka: Not Required
Version: 0.12
Game language (plot): English
Interface Language: English
Voice Language: English
System requirements (minimum): OS: Win7 / 8.1 / 10 | CPU: i3 | RAM: 3GB | VRAM: 1GB | DX: 11 | HDD: 17GB

Version 0.12:

FIRST THING OF ALL... Sorry, dear players what I let you down with magic and stuff for first 2 updates of the game. Now I decided to fix that. Real Harry Potter content is now available to start from the second week in the game. 4 super powerful magic spells are available:

Sex sensu, Ecce in spatium, Mutare sexum, Mutare futa

New super sexy slim textbox. You no longer need to press H every time sexy legs come up on the screen.

Even more sexy music, new songs been added.

Super duper mini-game of poker with AI intellect in it!!!

The mall now fully functions. Many many shops are available with something like 10 new items to buy. Every item has its use in the game. Let's say with coffee machine, you can make coffee for your self, or for your lovely cousin Mirella, also it helps with relations with your Mom.

The gym is fully functioning too. You can go to train together with your Mom or your sister Katrina or you can go there simply by your self. Many scenes are available in the gym.

Some new characters in the game. Earlier mentioned, cousin Mirella(very beautiful girl, daughter of Lisa, Mom's sister), Coco with her Mom,

Major quest, find a secret chamber

NTR and cuckold, it's a small quest, where did Laura gone and sure enough a lot of fun. Also, some extra fun is available with Mom.

BDSM. Now a lot of BDSM. Laura has some problems in the school with sadistic teacher and principal Hillary. Will you help her or just enjoy the show???

FEMDOM. If you been a bad boy, I mean very very bad boy, Mom can very much make you suffer.

Transgender, Futa and all these kind of things. First of all, fully avoidable. Two major scenes with two different actors depend on what you choose, futa or tranny. And you actually can try them both.

Sexting, if you do everything correct, Mom becomes more open and sends you dirty pictures, so her sunny be happy.

Laura with the totally unrecognizable look. It's the same actress. If your Laura is already blond, you will get her with a new look, also with a totally different path and scenes. Also, this will impact another sister, Katrina. Some extra scenes with her will be available.

Beastiality, at this moment, the only startup. Nothing major and sure enough fully avoidable. If there will be more, totally depends on the supporters and their likes.

Many many many, all kind of sex scenes. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

In the game now used more than 2500 pictures. Text in the game is enough to write a full-length novel. If you play game multipath, I mean a few games separately, the game will be enough for a good 10 hours to play.

Couple bugs were fixed from earlier updates, one big one. On the super, Saturday didn't allow players to play if not set Patreon number. You no longer need to do that.

Few extra words about my mini-game:

I em actually poker pro, I was supernova elite on Pokerstars 2011(elite player). Now playing occasionally and still winning some cash. My poker game is more like, learn to play good online poker in sit and go tournaments. If you can beat my game, I ensure you, you will beat low levels sit and go tournaments and could earn some cash by having fun. I'm serious about it. At this moment poker game is only the beginning. In the next updates, I'll make the poker game better. AI intellect will be stronger and harder to beat.

And like always, You can have full experience playing the first 12 days of the game. In the future updates, nothing to these days will be added or taken off. Your saves will stay on your computer and will be working on the next updates.

For people who want to support me here is some useful information:

Dear player, so I could continue creating the game with Incest, nothing about this game is mentioned in my Patreon. As you probably already know, Incest is prohibited on Patreon and if they will figure out, our main hero will become bastard. So if you don't like that, please do not tell Patreon about this game")

Now about benefits, you will get for supporting me on Patreon...

Every support is very dear to me. Support me as much as you can if you think my work as a programmer and game creator is worth something.

In return, I'll make bigger updates and quicker and better quality.

Harry Potter turns 18 0.12

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