Lecherous Village 0.2.5

20.08.2021, English Hentai Games / 3D,

Added animations to existing events:

Amber & Borus 04
Harold 05
Night 08
Sauna 08
Sauna 09
New events:

Watermill 01
Watermill 02 - with animation
Night 09 - with animation
Night 10
Harold 06
Harold 07
Event changes:

Moved Borus and Amber events to the nighttime. Can be activated by walking near Borus's house at the night.
Gort's events are now being activated if you are renting a room in his house
Harold's events are being activated if you are renting a room in the inn
Amber and Lynn 01 event was rewritten to better fit in the story. It doesn't depend on Borus's events now.
Keira events have been rewritten to better fit the story. They don't depend on the armor quest now.
Harold 01 event has been rewritten to better fit the character and the story.
Technical changes:

Revamped Lynn's in-game animations;
New maps: Barn and the Watermill;
New places for spending the night: at the barn, at Harold's inn;
A new character was added. He can be found at the watermill;
Implemented and added inventory system;
Updated several UIs;
Huge refactoring for Quest system - old saves won't work;
A number of performance updates for existing mechanics.

Event Updates:

Added 6 new events:
- 2 for Gort (Shop 02 and Night 07)
- 1 for James
- 1 for Harold
- 1 for Keira
- 1 for Amber

Technical Changes:

- Updated Main Character model
- Fixed the critical issue with the Intro quest resulting in incorrect quest progression
- Updated character camera to make its movement more smooth
- Wolfpine map changes - added lights for night time
- Some small fixes here and there [/spoiler]

Lecherous Village 0.2.5

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