PURE ONYX v.0.97

09.02.2024, English Hentai Games / 3D,

Release date:








Type of Edition:

In Development




PC / Windows

System Requirements:

OS: Windows x64 / CPU: i5 / RAM: 8GB / VRAM: 2GB / HDD: 3GB


Pure Onyx is a classic beat ‘em up set in the world of our flagship title, Malise and the Machine. It follows heroine Onyx as she brawls her way through the dystopian streets of New Babylon, where she’ll encounter gangs, crime syndicates, a corrupt police force, and the bio-engineered horrors of the insidious Babel Corporation. It features fully animated, hand drawn art and is styled after 80s cyberpunk anime. Pure Onyx will contain in-game, fully animated H content.

Tags: Action, Fighting, 3D, Sci-Fi, Female Heroine, Big Tits, Big Ass, Straight, Blowjob, Violation, Humiliation, Rape, Futanari, Creampie, Indie, Unity



File Size: 1.7 GB

How to Play?

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Pure Onyx.exe" to start playing.
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