Incest Story 1.0b

30.05.2017, English Hentai Games / 3D,
Incest Story 1.0b

At the moment, the biggest game from ICSTOR, also known as the author of Robot's Touch and Milf's Control. RPG with eros-scenes, made in the form of a comic strip. The protagonist is a young guy who uses his cunning and unprincipledness to drag virtually all female characters into bed, primarily members of his family - mother, sister and aunt. Download
Incest Story 2 here

1) Our first task is to bring a fresh newspaper for the mother. Before you go for her, we go around the house and collect all the useful items (the places where they are are lit). It is especially important to take a map of the city from the bedside table, a screwdriver from the garage on the ground floor. Also from our room you can get to the gallery, where all the open skits are. After that we leave the house;
2) Our goal is a kiosk, located in the southern part of this location, highlighted by an asterisk, as are lootable items. Going there, it is worth entering into all meeting houses (almost in every house on the map you can go and almost in each of them there are lootable items, such as food, first-aid kits, money). The most important is the first house to our right, inside it is a hammer;
3) Once in the sewer, immediately pick up a nearby pistol and equip it. After that, we go outside (in this game you can skip almost all the fights, except for the plot, but do not do it too often, otherwise it will be hard on the subject battles);
4) Go home, watch the first scene. After that, we go into the next room and chat with my sister - the quest will be taken to get behind her luggage at the airport (there's no point in going to the police). On the ground floor we talk with the mother - the quest for the aunt's aunt will be taken.
5) Aunt's house is the only one available in the location in which it is located. The location itself to the east of our house, we check with the map, where it says Aunt. On the way there is an armory shop, but I do not recommend buying anything there to the prison, because our weapons will be taken away. After talking with my aunt, we go to the bank - is next to our house, between the passages to school and to a prostitute. After again to the aunt, and after peeping after her - to his home, behind the camera;
6) At home we first go to the attic and pick up the keys to the basement, then to the basement - in the depths and the camera lies. We return to the aunt, we photograph it, then we go to it and look at the scene;
7) In the location that is signed as a Prostitute / Swimming Pool is a prostitute in the daytime. Her services cost $ 350, so you should go to her when you save enough money. It is located behind the first house below the place of appearance on the location;
8) Go to the Airport / Bar location. Before entering the airport, we pass further along the road to the Bar location. There, on the side of the building you will see a sewer hatch - go there, select the key from the bonus chest 1. After returning to the previous location and go to the airport;
9) Inside the building in the deepest we take the luggage, after leaving the same road, fighting off the guard. Then home to my sister, for another sketch and, finally, to my room - to sleep until evening;
10) We leave the house, on the left there will be a new npc - this is our friend Tom. We take him to the group, we take away all our good clothes, tk. Our satellite is still temporary. Then we go to the location of Tom's Company. In the uppermost part of it we find a sewer hatch and through it we get to the territory of the company;
11) The large building on the right is our goal. Inside, the first locked door is the destination. We pass inside the building and find the keys, then we return to this door and take the tablets. We are chosen the same way and after the police station we go home, sleep until morning;
12) We go to the location of Petrol Station / Blondie. Above in the courtyards several bandits robbed the blonde - we promise to help her. This quest was available on the first day, but it's better to do it now, after pumping. Before going to the bandits, we pass to the next location to the gas station, next to the store there is a red box - we unlock it with a key from the bonus chest 1. We can look at the house, in the gallery;
13) We go to the Park School location, through the park strictly to the north, behind the school building and there will be the gang leaders. At the moment, our usual attack is already stronger than the aoe-ability, so we beat it only, if necessary, being treated with first-aid kits. After that, we return to the blonde for the reward;
14) We return home, take the mother's quest - clean out in the yard. Be careful, the rats in the garbage are very angry. After that we make her tea, we go to rest in our room and then into the room to the mother (where ours and sisters are) - we watch the sketch. Then we go down to the first floor;
15) To fight is meaningless, we surrender. In the cell, we poke in the corners, then attack the cop. Do not forget to equip the dagger. On the way to freedom we will stop Kate, agree and watch the scene. We reach the police officer's office, after the battle we return to Kate and again to her. After the sketch, you can finally go home, but on the way it's worth going into the weapons shop - now it's not a pity to spend money;
16) We talk at home with the mother, then again in her room, then we go into the sister's room and read the note on the table. Now we need to location Nicole / Father's Company.
17) Nicole's house is located behind a fence, we go strictly to the north, along the way we fend off the dogs. Inside, we talk with my sister, we look at the scene. After all, we return to Nicole and climb through the window. Then go home;
18) We sleep at home until the evening and again to Nicole. Trying to sfotkat it, we understand that the batteries have sat down and come back home after them - are in the garage. Then again to Nicole - fotkayem and return home, sleep until morning;
19) In the morning we talk with the mother, we take the quest from her - bring alcohol. While we look for him, we should go to Nicole and finally get a deserved sketch. About the alcohol we ask in the grocery store - it's not there. After we go to the aunt, search her second floor and return home. We give the wine to our mother, we clean up the house and look at the scene;
20) We choose to go to my father first. His work is in the same location as Nicole's house, the first house. We ask the employee where he is, then we go to school;
21) Inside we look at the scene, then we go to the very top, look at the blocked path. We go in the elevator - there are not enough 3 parts, they are scattered around the school - on each floor one by one. Then back to the elevator and watch the scene;
22) Now my aunt. The pool is in the same location as the prostitute. First we go there and talk with the girl at the reception - she will say that the entrance will cost $ 1500. We go home and take swimming trunks in our room, then we buy slippers in the shoe store (next to the newsstand). After that we return to the pool. You can get there in two ways - either by paying the right amount, or free of charge through the sewage system, in the lower left corner of the location. Inside we change clothes by the basket, take a shower and go to the aunt, we look at the scene;
23) We return home, we talk with our sister, then we overhear the conversation between mother and aunt through the door. Again we go to my sister, then to the bar, we talk with my father. After his departure, we approach Kate in the parking lot, she asks to bring gasoline - where the refueling, we already know, we go there;
24) We speak with the saleswoman, she was robbed. We leave the building and approach the damaged fence. We break it with a hammer and go to the forest. In the depths of the forest in the house, the boss and the stolen thing. We return it to the hostess, we look at the scene;
25) We return back to Kate. Once in a new location, go to the beach, before changing clothes. On the beach we go along the shore on the rocks to the west, we get into the mini-location, which is the key to the second bonus scene. The chest itself with a bonus scene stands on the beach, next to the central staircase;
26) There is a blonde at the shore - she is from the service of salvation, makes sure that no one gets sick. We talk to her, then to the left of her stones pretend to have lost consciousness. Now we need drugs so that the rescuer will believe us. A man in the right upper part of the location will give the task to collect 7 bags of drugs. 2 on the streets, 3 in the houses, 2 on the beach. Again we go to the beach, we look at the scene;
27) On the right side of the beach we find a drunk father, take his keys from him and return to Kate. After that, we go home and, not forgetting to see the second bonus sketch, go to the mother's room. After the group sex we go down and talk to my sister - our drunk father was taken to the police station. We leave there. The duty officer will not help us at all - so after him we go to the familiar policeman;
28) She, in exchange for the release of her father, asks for the formula of a new drug (just the one we collected on the beach). We go to Kate, who still stands near the bar to go to the beach. Before this we go to the next location of the Mall and select the key from the bonus scene 3. Finally we get to the beach - the right place will be to the right of the urban part of the location;
29) In the depths we find a closed door - we need a password. Behind this warehouse there is a bonus scene 3 (and we already took the key). We return to the beach, we find in the city part of the drug dealer with protection and we dislodge the password from it. Then back to the warehouse. There we go around all the lockers (bypass everything, as in some first aid kits). And we return to the police station for his father and a sketch (though his father will not be released until tomorrow);
30) Now to the sister. She wants a beautiful suspension, and we want her. So we go into the room and wait for the evening. Finally we will need a screwdriver taken at the beginning of the game. We leave to the location of the Mall. We go through the main door. After we open all the doors consistently and get a suspension - we return home, to the sister's room, for the reward;
31) At night we will wake strange sounds - we go to the parents' room and watch the mother suck at our father. Now glavgeroy got to the point that he began to be jealous of his mother to his father and was furious. Also has decided to recoup on the aunt. (You can choose anything - if we decide to peek, then we'll be immediately kicked out and we'll go to the aunt anyway). Go to her;
32) She asks to wait for us in the garage. We go there and try to get into the car. The keys in the garage are not located, so we return home to the aunt, through the window. We find the keys and go back to the car. We rejoice in the next scene. After that we return home and go to sleep;
33) We are awakened by a message that we all go to the beach with the whole family. There the father asks to find some food. We speak with npc standing on the beach among the barrels. In exchange for fish, he asks to go to his house and find out why his wife does not answer calls;
34) We rise to the upper left corner of the location - there we will be transferred to the park, which must be passed through. We get into the new district of the city - we need a distant house. It turns out that this is the home of our friend Tom, and the quest was given to us by his father. We watch the scene, rejoicing at how much Tom looks like his friend. Then we return to Tom's father and get a fish. Now we have only to survive and see the last scene - we return with the fish to the family;
35) After the variative scene with the mother or sister, we are at home - talking with both women, we take 2 quests. Let's start with the mother's quest - somewhere to put the father. We go to school, on the bulletin board inside the building we learn the address of the teacher, go to the location next to the school (on the left);
36) First we go to the far left part of the area, there we raise the key from the bonus scene number 4. After the home to the teacher, the only available house in the location. She asks to bring her papers by stealing them from her landlord. Destination - location in which there was a blonde, a house with a double door. Having received the papers, we give it to her and we go to carry out the quest of the sister;
37) We go to the aunt, she stands next to the garage. We bring her the key, it is located slightly to the left. Once in a new location, we try to get inside the house. We need 2 ropes - one in the building from the bottom, the second in the upper left corner of the location. The far door is ours - but it's locked. The key is outside, it is necessary to climb back with a rope. In the uncle's apartment we collect garbage, do not forget to look at the photo on the wall (pink and white crap). After I call on the phone;
38) At the output we stop some sound. We poke the button between the toilet and the sink, go down the opened stairs, enjoy. After we leave, the taxi waits for us downstairs. We go home, we give both quests. Now we have 3 whole new tasks - Aunt, Tom and Nicole. Let's start with Auntie;
39) Again we go to her home, she refuses to satisfy us further. We'll have to tell her husband everything. His office is in the same place as the teacher's home. The gate is closed, but you can get there from the backyard of the teacher. You have to run here, not fight. We reach the end, we talk with my aunt's husband, then we return to her house and peep through the window;
40) Now Tom's quest. We go to his home, we need to talk to our beloved bikershoy next to the bar, the further road is described in paragraph 34. We speak with his mother, Tom is working in the hotel. The necessary location is to the right of the beach;
41) First we go down to the local beach. Here is a new bonus scene, the key to which we found in paragraph 36. Then to the hotel - he's upstairs. We speak with the girl at the reception and climb the stairs, Tom on the third floor in the furthest room;
42) Now we need to find the key - we go to the reception, they give us the keys to the rooms, where we need to find the key to the VIP room. It is located on the third floor, on a small red table in a dude's room with a colored hat. We go to Tom, we enjoy the DP, then we go for drugs to the warehouse (the location is described in point 28-29), we need the shelves on the right, the central row, the furthest. We return to Tom;
43) Now we must get rid of Tom's father. We go to the store to the right of our bikershi, promise to deal with the gang on the beach, next to the chest from the bonus scene 4. We kill everyone, report in the store, then go home to Tom, he stands near the house, we say - the quest is completed (alas, here without Scenes);
44) Now there was Nicole. Before her, you can go home, see an open bonus sketch. Then we go to her home, the path is described in paragraph 16-17. Now we need to go shopping center, the path is described in paragraph 28. Nicole on the bench on the left, asks for a present. We go to the shopping center, we buy a wine from the peasant in the upper left corner, we come back behind the scene;
45) Now home. We change clothes in our room, go to wash, go back to the room and watch another wonderful scene. After it we go down, we speak with the aunt who has come - she was kicked out of the house, now she will live with us. We immediately get one more scene;
46) We have a new quest - you need to buy furniture for your aunt and clean the garbage from the garbage on which she will live. On the map, we look at the location of the Furniture Shop. Leaving the room, we go to the attic and clean up;
47) After going down to the first floor - there are quarrels between our mother and sister, after a quarrel we talk with both (the sister rose to her room). And here are 2 more quests: for the mother's quest, one must deal with the father, the aunt advises us to take a picture of the father and the teacher with whom he sleeps and anonymously give the mother proof. The location of the teacher's house is shown on the map; The sister asks to bring her drink from the refrigerator - we'll start with this quest;
48) In the refrigerator, of course, there is not. We must go to the store - the one that is directly under our house. We buy, we return to the sister, after which she leaves for the park. Now let us return to the request of my aunt;
49) We go to the furniture store, a huge building in the most distant location. We communicate with the seller - we must approach him closely, not through the counter. Then we go to the left side of the building, participate in the game. We take in the cabinet laser gun (the strongest and most expensive in the game) and forward - to kill everyone;
50) After receiving the award, we go with her to the seller of furniture - the quest is completed, upon returning home the furniture will be there. We go to the attic, after the mini-sketch we talk with the mother and again in the attic. Now you can do anything with your aunt: 4 scenes to choose from, which can be repeated an unlimited number of times;
51) Now the mother's quest - we go home to the teacher, we steal the phone from the desk, but it's blocked. We go to the gangster, the path is described in paragraph 36, he will be on the first floor. After climbing to the second floor, we talk to the gangster girl and return home to the teacher, we put the phone back in place;
52) We move to school, at the entrance we repulse from annoying gopnik and rise to the third floor. In our classroom, we set up the camera and watch the scene, then we return home, we communicate with the mother and watch another scene;
53) Now we have 3 possible options: to return the film to the gangster, go to your sister's park or watch TV. Let's start with TV - it's a bonus non-quest quest. It is completely linear and scripted, so that we will only mention that in the warehouse we need a far right rack. After completing the quest with a TV, you can revise the scene from it;
54) We return to other quests. We go to the gangster's office, get a titsjob from his shizunk girlfriend. It is a pity that the scene is so short. Well, hell with her - we go to the sister in the park. In the upper left corner of her trying to rape - we defeat the three nps and talk to her;
55) Now home, we communicate with the mother in her room and we go to ourselves, relax on the bed. We watch the next scene, after which we go down to the bathroom, wash ourselves and go to the mother. Us drive - we go into the living room, sit on the chair and get the final scene. After it we are in the gallery, where you can review all the open scenes, including 4 mini-scenes to choose from with your aunt. Important: in the gallery, you can not re-examine the scene from the bonus quest from the TV, so keep in front of the final scene.

Release date: 2016/07/31
Genre: RPG, 3DCG, Incest, Big Tits / Big Breasts, Blowjob, Titsjob, Footjob, Anal, Group, Rape, NTR
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: icstor
Platform: PC / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Publication Type: Original
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 1.0b
Language of game: English
Language: English
Voice Language: None
Minimum System Requirements:
:: CPU Intel Pentium4 2.0GHz :: RAM 512MB :: HDD 1.32GB :: RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP ::

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