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In this version there is only a character editor!
Extras. The information: Our hero - the guy who because of moving of the father abroad, decides to begin an independent life and moves to a new place, near to the house of the aunt.
Soon it will be found out that the aunt took care of beforehand in which school our hero will continue his education in his new place. And like everything is wonderful ...
Yes, that's just studying in this school, some girls, well, up to the pile, the director at this school, none other than our beloved aunt ...
Maybe it's just a tie an unsuccessful joke? Or, in this way, at the expense of our hero, she wants to teach young girls to masculine society?
It seems that soon we will learn about this, and meanwhile, the hero will have to study in very difficult conditions ... Although, what kind of studies can there be? When around, where do not throw a look, cute and pretty girls, showing no small interest in the only guy in their community ...
Well, the hero and heroines of the "Department of Koikatsu" are already willing to meet ... Let's not make them wait!

Year of manufacture: 2018
Release date: 2018/04/27
Genre: Simulator, School
Censorship: Yes
Developer / Publisher: ILLUSION
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Demo
Tabletka: Not required
Language of the game \ interface \ voice: Japanese
System requirements (minimum): CPU: Core i3 4000 | RAM: 4GB | VRAM: 1GB

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