Angels And Demons 0.5

16.08.2017, English Hentai Games,

Angels And Demons Version 0.5. 1. Deadlock Branch!
Be careful! The game adds a deadlock, which will lead to the end of the game! Earlier I added only the moments when the attitude of the girls to you disappeared and you had to spend for this extra resources and time. In fact, there were no devastatingly incorrect options, they simply influenced certain indicators, the game continued all the same. But now the game has a moment when your rash actions can lead to disastrous consequences. Stay more often and everything will be fine. Is it worth adding new dead ends in the creation process? I await your opinion.

2. Game sound
All this time the game was deaf and mute, there are no sounds at all. In this version, a little pampered ... the game is still just silent, But in one of the locations he is, namely in the party area in the living room and the pool, as not as a party because :). If you want to hear, go to the settings menu, you can turn on and adjust the volume. The sound is added experimentally, are not sure whether it really needs? Do I need to add city sounds in different locations? In the sex scene I do not think it's worth adding, I did not plan. I await your opinion in the comments.

Game characters:
1. Vic (office)
The first new character, there will be a girl you can meet at the office. To do this, you will need an open work in the stat. Office of the bank. Continue to work in your new workplace and you will meet her, not at once, but after a few repetitions. The girl say ... has a tendency to take the bull by the horns ... of course she will not jump on you,

But there are special features ... 2. Yana (university)
Oh my God! We will use the university! :) True, despite the futility of learning, now and earlier in the game world, nevertheless this location is useful for us at the moment. Go for a couple and if you have a lucky smile, you will meet her, but not everything is so simple ... A girl has her own story and if you do not choose the right approach to her, then she will not agree with you at once. Besides, she'll say so not a template ... let's look at how much you take it ...

3. Marina (Elder Sister)
In this version with her there is no new material of interest, but it is connected with one of the above characters, therefore it makes sense Update it on the passage and just do it. Without the development of both branches, it will not come out as a result, not in one. Therefore we do not forget about it.

Tips for game characters:

I tried to organize time for interaction with the character in such a way that it was possible to work and interact with each of the girls without crossing. Therefore, I advise you to pass simultaneously in three characters, so there will be fewer white spots, when there is nothing to do and delays if you have passed all the others before.
Try to still coax properly selected gifts, especially in the beginning, this will speed up the pumping, but remember that through the Internet, flowers will not be given.

Game World:

Some locations have been expanded and new ones added. A new district of Proletarsky was added, the name speaks for itself. If in the Dollar, who is richer, then in the Proletarian people it is simpler (we will be without gray Khrushchev, no matter how virtual the world is). Two houses of our new girls have been added to this area. Do not be afraid to move on them, perhaps on something interesting stumble. Also, a house of majeur was added to the Dollar area, you will understand the story. The kitchen has become active in the office, why should it, as well as when you pass.

New items for the passage of the quest and another that I do not remember. Report on the added active scenes and locations.

Added a new area. Proletarian.
New character of Vika.
Added a branch of the path.
She added interaction in the kitchen of the office.
She added interaction to the GG room through a computer (social .
Network) With her added interaction in the park
Added house Wiki
Added / Interaction in the bedroom Wiki
Added / Interaction in the living room
Added / Interaction in the bathroom
Sex scene in the living room added and moved to the parents' room
New character of Jan
With it a branch of the
path is added With it interaction is added in University
With her added to the interaction in the park
Added house Jana
Added / interaction in the bedroom
Added / interaction in the living room
Added / interaction in the bathroom
Added sex scene in the living room
Added CEN scene in a bedroom
office / kitchen Added
Added House Majeure
added 6 rooms in the house majeure

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