Imouto Netori ~Mi mo Kokoro mo Onii-chan no Mono~

07.07.2017, English Hentai Games,

I dozed in my futon waiting for Aoi to come. Nothing was quite as nice as being woken by my beloved little sister. She would knock on the door and turn the knob. I would hear her come in, and the sound of her voice.
But Aoi did not come into my room. Instead, from the door, she said,
"It's morning." Get up already. "
How cold! Without a single footstep into my room she barked the words and shut the door.
I scrambled out of the futon but she'd already stomped off downstairs. What was with her lately?
We'd always gotten along. However, these days we barely even spoke. It's true I was working more often and she was coming into her own as a young woman. She seemed to be more irritable as she got more beautiful.
This spring she had started dating someone.
This is where I ought to take the command of my little sister, right?
She would not like it at first. It's the best of the dodgy other guy.
The question is how to achieve this .....
Then came Aoi and me. Alone in the house together, I can make her do whatever I say. I've got to undo what's taking over my little sister. It appears that their relationship has not yet been progressed beyond holding hands.
Now is the time to act on a chance.

Extras. description:
The game runs smoothly through the locale emulator.

Year of manufacture: 2014
Release date: 2014/05/30
Genre: ADV, Animation, Incest, Sleeping Girl, Straight, Oral, Blowjob, Toys, Impregnation, Pregnancy, Bondage, Sexual Training
Censorship: Yes
Developer / Publisher: Courreges Ace
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 1.0
Language of game: Japanese
Language: Japanese + English
Language of voice: Japanese
System requirements (minimum):
OS: Windows Vista :: CPU: Pentium 4 2GHz :: RAM: 512MB :: HDD: 850MB :: Graphics: 1024x768, 16bit, DirectX 8 :: Other: PCM, MPEG-1

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