Wet: The Sexy Empire

07.07.2017, English Hentai Games
Wet: The Sexy Empire

The Empire of Sex reveals its hot embrace before you. Funny erotic drawings of the famous Carsten Wieland and witty jokes will give you great pleasure. By the will of fate, you found yourself in a small town without documents and means of subsistence. The FBI agents follow you. The situation seems hopeless? Yes! Unless you have met a charming girl named Lula, who will support you in a difficult moment and tell you how to act. Roll up your sleeves and tighten the strap, because you have to sweat pretty much, achieving financial success in modeling agencies, at the studio of erotic films and in other business areas. Over time, you can become the head of the world-famous studio for the production of erotic films and make your girlfriend a star screen. Children under sixteen, please do not worry.

Year of production: 1998.
Genre: Adventure
Censorship: None
Developer: Interactive Strip
Publisher: CDV Software Entertainment
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Modified
Tabletka: There are
English language
Type of translation: Text and sound in this language
Language: English
Type of translation: Text in this language
System requirements: P 100 RAM 32 HDD 200 mb

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