The kinkiest game that guarantees satisfaction

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The kinkiest game that guarantees satisfaction

Gaming as a whole has improved immensely in the past years, which is especially true with games that focus on adult content and incorporate sexual elements. Although there are plenty of raunchy titles to fool around with, finding those with extremely kinky content is still difficult. In this list, we’ll be taking a look at the best games that revolve around hardcore BDSM. Before jumping in it’s important to note that these titles aren’t for those that are into romance but for true BDSM and rape lovers. If you’re kinky you’ll have a blast playing these adventure visual novels, and simulations.

EmyLiveShow: S&M story

As a journalist, your job is to investigate anything no matter how dangerous the situation may be. Although Emy and Nia seem like regular v-tubers, you know that they’re vampires with much to hide. As you uncover their mysteries through the lustful visual novel you’ll realize just how raunchy they are, but also how fun they can be to fool around with. Don’t forget to make the right choices as there are five different endings you can achieve, all of which contain lots of erotic BDSM and intense sexual content.

Agent Mirai

Being a secret agent on a mission to uncover the truth about a sketchy pharmaceutical company requires lots of skills. Unfortunately, Agent Mirai loses her guard and quickly gets caught and led into the company’s underground laboratory. Instead of getting rid of her, they restrain her and use her as a subject for their rape training machine experiment. This simulation has phenomenal graphics and gripping gameplay that focuses on using a plethora of items on the beautiful agent. While teasing and torturing the hottie the story unfolds and more secrets are uncovered.

Succubus Contract

Starting a new life in a different city and dating is difficult, but things quickly change after you receive an unknown app on your phone. That same night a Succubus appears in your room, and with her help, you’ll be able to chat, flirt, and seduce any of the beautiful women you come across. This dating sim is filled with lewd content and intriguing puzzles that’ll keep you entertained for hours. All of the stunning babes you interact with have unique personalities and backstories that you can keep track of through the app, which makes the game extremely immersive and fun to play.

Torawarenoko - Captive Daughter

In this simulation, you’re able to do anything that comes to mind to a beautiful girl who’s tied and bound in your bed. Not only is bondage involved but there is a wide array of equipment you can put on the captive hottie that ranges from ball gags and blindfolds to duct tape and body writing. Despite there being some mosaic censorship, the animations and graphics are phenomenal and make it incredibly easy to be immersed in the act of BDSM and rape fantasies with a busty brunette with stunning blue eyes.

Wizard’s Adventure

This RPG adventure puts you in the shoes of Merlin, a young wizard who comes from a family of powerful and well-respected mages. Since your childhood was carefree and easy, the time has come to choose the right path and develop all of the necessary skills to live a fruitful life. In this adventure, you’ll wander through a plethora of areas of the fantasy world, all of which are filled with stunning women. Explore the beautiful world and have the time of your life chatting and seducing the gorgeous babes as you work your way toward becoming a man.


After patiently working on an instant-attachment rubber suit, Shino Fujiyama has finally created her masterpiece. Unfortunately, during development, she forgot to add an option for removal, which means she’ll have to go to school while covered in the erotic latex outfit. Since Shino’s already a beautiful young girl, wearing the raunchy rubber outfit only accentuates her perfect curves which makes the other students and professors unable to concentrate on anything but her. This JRPG contains a plethora of BDSM and rape elements that are easy to get immersed in thanks to the amazing graphics and gripping plot.

Orks Ryona BBC

Orks Ryona BBC is one of the best-animated sex simulators that allows players to relentlessly pummel a freshly captured cute girl in various positions. Not only can players penetrate her vigorously from a plethora of angles but they can also drag her body, choke her neck, and customize her with different lingerie, outfits, hairstyles, and much more. Since you’re in control of a strong Orc, his huge cock will easily be able to break her mind and fill her insides with ease. This simulation allows you to corrupt, choke, tease, edge, and creampie your ideal hentai woman with ease.

Netori x Netorare!?

Instead of focusing on one story, this raunchy game puts the shoes of players in two different scenarios, all of which are filled with the classic NTR trope. On one side a cuckold’s dreams get shattered as he falls in love with a woman who leaves for the island of Shojojima where women relentlessly pound one another. In the second story, the main character’s pheromones make all of the women wet and aching to have sex. After breaking into an abandoned school he’s suspected of being involved in the mysterious disappearances. He’ll have to escape the school by turning the abducted girls into real women, which he does so by passionately railing against them.

Goddess of Trampling

This phenomenal visual novel takes place in a fantasy world in which a war of the gods that can destroy everything is taking place. Players are put in place of Perseus, a demigod with the goal of stopping the Goddesses of the Trampling from conquering heaven and earth. There will be a ton of challenges on the journey, and as the story unfolds the players find out whether Perseus has what it takes to defeat Hera, the Queen of the Goddess or humanity will be crushed in its entirety.

Lewd Cell

Lewd Cell is an erotic sci-fi action game that takes place on the Spine757 research base. The game functions as a platformer with a lot of gunplay and in order to defeat the vile enemies you’ll have to skillfully think of your next move and choose what stats you upgrade. The graphics and sound effects are well-designed and make it easy to be immersed in the fantasy world. Aside from shooting and working on stopping the entire system in the spaceport, there are also a ton of raunchy sexual elements to spice things up.

Final remarks

Finding games with rape and BDSM elements is extremely difficult, but thankfully these developers have managed to do a great job at representing the genre with their games. Although playing them is extremely fun and rewarding, the best way to experience the real beauty of these kinks is to watch real performers in action. Thankfully, has a wide array of phenomenal porn videos with real women that are performing all of the acts that can be seen in the games. If you’re a fan of these games you’ll have the time of your life watching Asian hotties perform the kinkiest of acts in real life to fulfill their lustful needs.
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