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Games with adult content are constantly in high demand, and for a good reason. The video game space has been littered with popular FPS and MMO genres for years, but none thought of adding pornography into their projects. That’s why there are communities online for every game imaginable where characters of the series are being sexualized and put in raunchy scenarios. Thankfully,
these days there are some websites and developers online
that focus specifically on what the player base wants.

Lust Theory immerses players like never before

Playing as a regular person is usually not intriguing, but things get spicy when that person has three gorgeous women living with him. The character you control comes across plenty of babes and is put in various spicy scenarios. Rather than do your homework, strike up a conversation with one of the girls and see how far things go. Maybe you should skip class and bang a foxy teacher or student, the possibilities are endless. The best thing about it all is that Lust Theory has phenomenal graphics that are accompanied by story-based text to further immerse the viewer into the story of this 3D porn game.

Become the bitchy boss with Fashion Business

Playing as Monica, the rich and powerful hottie, players experience what it’s like to be a luxurious woman in the world of Fashion Business. The wealthy Monica gets to indulge in various activities and climb up or down the social ladder. Users can achieve many great things or maybe even lose what they’ve had this whole time. Whatever the outcome, this porn game has a lot of juicy sex scenes that are not worth missing out on. The story grips the player and balances perfectly between the storyline and lewd activities.

Fight against foes as a demonic Succubus

Within the depths of hell, Vydia has been captured by the king of the Infernal abyss Nimrod and is put through unbearable torture. As she betrays her own race, the hunt for revenge begins. To make the king bend the knee, you have to battle against a vast array of his demonic minions. The visuals of Succubus are the best out of any 3D porn game in the scene. The story is filled with gore and nudity, but the storyline is where it shines. Succubus puts other games in its category to shame and should be given the praise that it deserves.

The future of adult-oriented games

The scene hasn’t been fleshed out to its full potential yet, but it's improving at staggering speeds. With the rise of technology and animations, racy adult games are expected to become a standalone genre that’s not to be messed with. These and many other great Hentai games can be found on Besides downloading them, there’s a plethora of other pornographic games that can be accessed directly on the website online. This website is the way to go for anyone looking to immerse themselves in loads of amazing 3D sex games.
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